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sulphur is often described as smelling like rotten eggs

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Why does your skin smell like sulphur when you are angry?

because you erput like a volcano (sulphur is a volcanic gas)

What in gunspowder smell like rotten egg?


What is the component on gun powder that smells like rotten eggs?

its sulphur. its sulphur. i believe that the answer you are looking for is sulphur, it does indeed smell like rotten eggs

What drug smells like sulphur?

Many of the antibiotics smell of sulphur, especially cephalexin and amoxicillin

Can you imagine you can smell things like sulphur when you have prostate cancer?

No. It has no connection to the sense of smell.

Why flamingos are attracted towards crater lake?

they like the smell of sulphur

What does freon in ac unit smell like?

There is no smell, unless somebody has used something like 22a freon which is actually propane and may have a sulphur smell

What makes a car smell like rotten eggs?

Car exhaust can smell like rotten eggs when the fuel has a lot of sulphur in it.

What does propane smell like?

Propane doesn't have a smell. They put sulphur in propane so that when it leaks you know it is leaking.

What does an Evil spirit smell like?

In many accounts Sulphur, but if you don't believe they exist, they also don't smell.

What is a sentence for sulphur?

Sulphur is an element.He could smell burning sulphur.

What does gypsum smell like?

Pure Gypsum mineral/powder has a milky or chalky smell, which is not very noticeable. But impure gypsum mineral has a smell like sulphur which is very unpleasant.

Does sulphur smell?

Sulphur in its solid form at room temperature has very little odor. Hydrogen sulfide stinks. We smell.

How do most volcanoes smell?

They smell of sulphur - rotten eggs.

What would cause the air in a cave to smell like rotten eggs?

Presence of sulphur.

Why do farts smell like oil fields?

The simple answer is... sulphur ! The gas sulphur is present in oil and natural gas - and is also a by-product of our digestive system !

Why do your farts smell eggy?

farts smell eggy because of a build up of methane and sulphur ps NOT EVERYONES FARTS ARE EGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mine smell like roses

Does egg yolk cause farts?

Egg yolks can cause gas and smell like sulphur when passed.

Why do burnt bones smell?

Bones are a combination of protein matrix and the calcium we usually think about first. The protein in bones is very strong and the strength is from sulphur bonds. So the smell is sulphur based. Uggh! Even carving a bone will release the same smell if you wish to see what its like.

How can you eliminate the sulphur smell in well water?

The sulphur smell usually means you have high levels of iron in the water. It can be filtered out, but it's wise to get a lab test first

Would you smell sulpur under water?

Animals that breath air would not . . . if they tried, they would drown. Animals like fish would smell sulphur in water.

Why do geysers smell bad?

The content of sulphur and other minerals in the geyser creates the bad smell.

Is sulphur dioxide an oxide that has a pungent choking smell?


Why hydrogen sulphide has rotten egg smell?

because of sulphur

What is the smell after striking a match?

Sulphur, probably, and perhaps phosphorous

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