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This form of to summon means called to appear. This is used variously for either:

  • producing a demon in magic or religious connotations
  • being called before a court, authority, or inquiry

The word "summoned" means called to come.
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Q: What does summoned mean?
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What does summoned mean it means?

Summoned means called by an official body, like a court.

Why is balsum summoned?

Do you mean Balaam? Balak summoned Balaam because he wanted him to curse Israel.

What does vocatus est mean?

"It is summoned."

Frame 5 sentences for summoned?

He summoned the waiter. She was summoned to meet the King. We were summoned to the Principal's office. She summoned up some courage and met her in-laws. We were being summoned to the court hearing.

Is there a sentence for the word summoned?

Summoned means called forth. The boss summoned us all into his office.

Can an effect monster be summoned?

um, yeah... all monster can be normal summoned, flip summoned, special summoned etc unless specified otherwise. eg, ancient gear golem says "this card cannot be special summoned".

How many pages does The Summoned have?

The Summoned has 304 pages.

What is a good sentence for summoned?

I'm frightened because i have been summoned to the principal's office. the Witches summoned the spirit of the hollow.

What is a sentence using summoned?

You are being summoned by the magistrate. I summoned up my courage, and asked her how she was doing today.

Who was Barack Obama summoned by?

He was summoned by that dude in World of Warcraft.

What is the Filipino term for summoned?

"tinawagan" --summoned, called over

When was Summoned by Bells created?

Summoned by Bells was created in 1960.

When was The Summoned created?

The Summoned was created on 2001-12-01.

What is the ISBN of The Summoned?

The ISBN of The Summoned is 0-7434-0700-8.

What is an example sentence for the word summoned?

It took me six months, but I summoned up the courage to ask him out for a drink. She summoned the evil spirit of the hollow.

If herald of perfection is properly summoned can it be special summoned?

If Herald of Perfection is successfully Ritual Summoned and is sent to the Graveyard, it is then eligible to be Special Summoned from the Graveyard, unless specifically denied by another card effect.

Can dogma be summoned from the graveyard?

Destiny Hero Dogma cannot be special summoned, except from in hand, by tributing three monsters. As an 'except by' monster, that means the listed method is the only way he can ever be summoned. He cannot be summoned by any other means, even if he was properly summoned first and then went to the graveyard.

Can you tribute a Special Summoned monster?

You can tribute a special summoned monster, yes.

A sentence for summoned?

A summoned is to demand or tell something to apear/come (verb)

What part of speech is summoned?

Summoned is a verb. It's the past tense of summon.

How many summoned skull forms are there?

As far as my knowledge goes. 4. The Japanese Summoned Skull DPYG A tin Summoned Skull BPT-002 The Anniversary Summoned Skull YAP1-EN003 and not reallty a summoned skull, but it has summoned skull in it... Toon Summoned Skull. There are also a bunch of different rarity versions of it. but the ones I listed are different art works.

Can you Normal Summon 'Flame Ogre'?

Flame Ogre cannot be special summoned, so Flame Ogre must be Normal Summoned - or Set, then Flip Summoned.

Can 'The Rock Spirit' be summoned from the graveyard?

"The Rock Spirit" can only be Special Summoned from the Graveyard, if it was Special Summoned from the Hand via its effect first. In other words, if it was "improperly" sent to the Graveyard, such as by discarding from the Hand, it cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard. If it was successfully Special Summoned by its own effect onto the field and is then sent to the Graveyard, it is then elligible to be Special Summoned from the same Graveyard. However, if it's Special Summon was negated by a card effect such as "Solemn Judgment" and sent to the Graveyard, it cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard.

How do you use the word summoned in a sentence?

The accountant was summoned to the director's office to explain his error.

Can Neos Wiseman be special summoned from the graveyard?

Neos Wiseman is a 'cannot be special summoned except by' monster. That means his listed summon text is the only way he can ever be summoned, and can only do it while he is in your hand. You are unable to discard him then use Monster Reborn. Also even if he is properly special summoned first, he still can't be special summoned by Monster Reborn, unlike monsters who say 'can only be special summoned by'.

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