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Q: What does susan in polish mean?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Nail Polish - 2012?

The cast of Nail Polish - 2012 includes: Sophie Kargman as Susan Laura Seay as Jean

What does yakishimaz mean in polish?

"Yakishimaz" is not a Polish word. It does not have a known meaning in the Polish language.

What does mad mean in polish?

"Mad" in Polish is "szalony".

What is the plural form of polish?

If you mean Polish people - it's Poles. If you mean the cleaning spray or liquid, then it's simply polish.

What does Da mean in polish?

Da is not Polish. It is Russian for yes. The Polish equivalent is Tak.

How do you say Susan in polish?

The best match is Zuzanna, with the stress on the second syllable and pronounced double n.

What does your name mean in Polish?

Names do not have meanings in Polish

What does bardos mean in polish?

Nothing - it's not a Polish word.

What does bottle mean in polish?

"Bottle" in Polish means "butelka".

What does frank mean in polish?

"Frank" in Polish is "Franciszek" or "Franek".

What does the Polish word to mean?

The Polish word "to" translates to "this" or "it" in English.

What does niedziela mean in polish?

Niedziela means "Sunday" in Polish.