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Ok i miss you

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Q: What does taib ana meshtalek mean in Arabic?
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What does kaman mean in Arabic?

If you say "ana kaman" = Ana= i/me Kaman= too

What does fedetich ana mean in Arabic?

Didn't help me

What does ana habek hayati mean in Arabic?

i love you you are my life

What does Ana Isa Mean?

Ana means I/Iam in Arabic, Isa is a name. So it means I am Isa.

What does wa ana kaman mean in Arabic?

Means: me too

What does ana bedy abosk mean in English from Arabic?

it means ( I want to kiss you ).

How do you say im in bed in Arabic?

ana fes'sareer if u mean im asleeping or im about to sleep u can say ana naiem or ana hanam

How do you say you are a singer in Arabic?

You Mean "I'm a singer"??? In Arabic it's "Ana Moghanni" and it's written this way: أنا مغني

How do you say im good in Arabic?

This is one of those phrases that differs wildly depending on the dialect of Arabic and is always different depending on whether "I" is male or female. Some examples below: Proper Arabic (m.): Ana jayyid (أنا جيد) Proper Arabic (f.): Ana jayyida (أنا جيدة) Egyptian Arabic (m.): Ana koyyis (أنا كويس) Egyptian Arabic (f.): Ana koyyisa (أنا كويسة) Lebanese Arabic (m.): Ana mlih (أنا مليح) Lebanese Arabic (f.): Ana mliha (أنا مليحة) Iraqi Arabic (m.): Ana zayn (أنا زين) Iraqi Arabic (f.): Ana zayna (أنا زينة)

How do you say i am is in Arabic?

I am = ana ( in Arabic ). And in Arabic you write it this way : أنا

I am cold in Arabic?

ana brdan, this is means in Arabic

How do you say from in Arabic?

From in Arabic is "min"...."ana min malaysi" means im from Malaysia..... ana - i min - from