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What does taka mean in Swahili?


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Taka means dirt or trash in swahili. a longer version of it is takataka.

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In Japanese, "taka" means Hawk, or Eagle.

It means Cheetah in Swahili!

If, by taka you mean the currency of Bangladesh, then 1 billion taka is 1 billion. In several Indian languages, taka means percent. In that case 1 billion is 100 billion taka (just as 5 is 500%).

In swahili,Imani mean's ''Faith''

1,000,000,000 taka equals 1 billion taka.1,000,000,000 taka equals 1 billion taka.1,000,000,000 taka equals 1 billion taka.1,000,000,000 taka equals 1 billion taka.

Brandon is not a Swahili name, but to make the name look Swahili it would be... Brandoni.

Simba means "lion" in Swahili.

Not a Swahili word. Looks West African.

The meanings of the name from llion king2 are: Simba-It means lion in African language Swahili Nala-In Swahili,the meaning is "gift" Kiara-clear,bright,famous in Latin&Italian. But it means "black" in Irish Kovu-"Scar" in Kiswahili Zira-"Hate" in Swahili Nuka-"stink" in Swahili Vitani-"Vita" means war in Swahili,so her name means "demon of war" Timon-"honour" in hebrew It has no meaning in Swahili In Greek it means "He who respects" Pumba-"To be foolish,silly,weakminded" Rafiki-"Friend"in Swahili In Aarabic,"Rafiq" also means "friend" Scar-his real name was "taka" before he got that scar.

This question is in the Swahili-to-English section, but the words are not Swahili.

Ngoy is not a Swahili word. If it were, it would be spelled ngoi.

This is not a Swahili word. It may be a word or name from West Africa.

Xzavier.it's a name Xavier can be pronounced as Zeivya or Ekseivya in Swahili.

This has the appearance of a word or name in an African language, but it has no meaning in Swahili.

Taka Brown goes by TakaBrown, and Taka.

In names, it could mean tall or honorable.But it depends on the characters used.For example:貴 (taka) "valuable, noble" or 孝 (taka) "filial piety"it can also be written like this:太 (ta) "thick, big" + 花 (ka) "flower"

Not a word in Swahili. By its apearance it could be a word from another Bantu language.

No, in swahili, the word lion is simba, like from the lion king, simba=lion.

The closest in meaning is nafsi, the self, but there's n true synonym in swahili.

Swahili is a Bantu language, although it has many loan words of Oriental origin.

Not a Swahili word or name. It may be a made-up name for a child . . . somewhere.

Dela is not a Swahili word. It could be an African spelling of the name Della.

Ashe is not a word in Swahili.The word for ashes is majivu (sing., jivu, not used)

Little sister in Swahili

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