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Usually it means your partner wants to either not see you as often or completely break-up for awhile. They may feel hemmed in or not ready to make commitments. It's important that you communicate well with your mate and ask them to simply "spit it out in plain English!" Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-03 18:44:00
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Q: What does take a break for a while mean in a relationship?
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If you take a break from your relationship and go out with other guy is that cheating?

No. Taking a break from a relationship is another word for breaking up for a while.

What does take a break mean?

it can mean a lot of things. it can mean "go sit down" or in a relationship it can mean we should not be with each other for a while (a week or more... like forever). it is a nice way to say we are done

What does it mean when my girlfriend says she needs time to figure things out about our relationship and that we need to take a break?

It seems from the question that you understand the meaning. She wants time to think, and needs to take a break from your relationship.

What does severed mean?

1.Put an end of a connection or relationship ;break off;2.take off

Why do people have on off relationships and what do they mean?

It means the two people want the relationship to work out and cant necessarily solve the problem while in a relationship so they take basically a "break" to let anger or pain flow away and they get back "on" to the relationship when they feel things can start anew.

How long to take a break in relationship?

IF that is to happen then the relationship is actually over.

What does it mean when he wants to take a break?

When he wants to take a break...sometimes can mean that they need their space.

When he saying put your relationship to the side?

Please reword your question. Also, there is a chance that he is trying to break up with you or just take a break for a while. It could also mean that he wants you to stop being with certain people. You should communicate with him and find out what he means by that. Repost the question and answer as soon as you can

What tips do you have for slowing down a relationship?

just take a break

What do men mean when they want to take a break?

They want to meet other girls for a while and then u can get back together!

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he wants a break to ease the tension and then start from scratch?

It means that he just wants to take time for himself to think about what he wants in your guys relationship. It doesnt't mean hes breaking up with you, he just needs a break.

Why do people break up with someone they still love?

When people are in love and they break up, it could be to take a break from the relationship. Most people do this to put their relationship to test, but it usually back fires in most cases.

If you get mad at small things in a relationship all the time does that mean you are not in love anymore?

That might not mean that your not in love, it maybe means that you and the person need to just sit down a talk. Just listen to you heart and if your heart is saying to take a break for a while then go ahead. It just takes time

What does it mean when you take break in your relationtionship?

It simply means your too close and the other needs some space. If they start hanging out with someone else while your on your break then it means they might leave you.

What is valacyclovir 500mg is the med for herpes?

Valacyclovir is antiviral medication and 500mg is the dose to take. It shoul be taken every day while there is a break out or regularly if you're in an intimate relationship.

What does it mean when wife says she feels smothered?

it means that she feels as though she cant breath in the relationship.. most often it means that she wants to get out of the realtionship or take a break from the relationship. hope you arent asking about something your mum said :(

Should your boyfriend and you take a break or break up or stay together?

Take a break, I think it's the best way to get your relationship back on the road. Slow things down and take time to talk about your problems. Hope this helps!!!

When does your heart take a break and stop beating for a while?

When you die.

What does take 5 mean?

It means to take a break for 5 minutes

What does take five mean from a safety perspective?

Take a break from work.

How do you take a break from a long relationship?

If you are not happy with a relationship you can talk to your parter and call it a break for a week or something but if your so done with a relationship then call it a split for good but also you don't want to be the heart breaker so don't call it dumping

Your boyfriend plays with your mind what can you do to stop it?

If it is hurting your relationship, tell him so. If he still insists upon doing it, tell him you want to take a break from the relationship for a while. If he cares about you, he will work hard at not "playing with your mind" anymore. If he doesn't, then you should find someone who *does* care about you enough to take your feelings into consideration.

Is taking a break the same thing as breaking up with someone?

No take a break just means: Not see each other for a while and do BF and GF or BF and BF stuff, the relationship will be open so he/she may start dating other people.

What does it mean when a guy says we need to take a break?

It means he doesn't want to see you for a while It means he doesn't want to see you for a while It means he doesn't want to see you for a while :( sorry This could mean so many different things! In my experience, when a guy says that you need to take a break, it usually means he wants to break up. If you have a very hectic life (example: you both have busy work/school schedules, extracurricular activities), then he may just need a break to focus on his life in general. I would talk to him and see what the deal is!

What does yin and yang mean to a relationship?

Answer Give and Take.