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timbre (proper spelling) It refers to tonal distinction. The color or quality of tone from its source or instrument, distinguishing that source from another. Flutes and mandolins are comparable in range but have different 'timbres' Hope that's helpful.

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What is tembre?

I think you mean 'Timbre'. It is a word used to describe the quality of sound produced by the instrument. Usually, one would use the words 'bright' and 'dark' or 'mellow' and 'hard' to describe timbre. Neither of these qualities are inherently good or bad sounding, it is really dependent on the music if it fits or not.

What does D.C. mean in music?

What does D.C. mean in music

What does the rhythm mean in music?

is the note of the the rhythm of the music.

What does 3-4 mean in music?

It mean play the music no singing

What do music notes mean?

notes of music

What does t mean in music?

Could you be more specific about what you mean? What is the context in which this 't' appears in music? And what sort of music are you referring to?

Who was in madonna's single music?

Do you mean back-up singers? Or do you mean "who was in the music video''?

What are the musical elements of bahay kubo?

There are many musical elements of Bahay Kubo. Each form of music has everything from rhythm to pitches and more that are all considered musical elements.

What does pace mean in music?

The "pace" of the music is its "speed".

What does found music mean?

Music with lesbians doe

What does Djembe mean in music?

a type of thing to do with music

What does mute mean in music?

To quite the piece of music

What does tempo mean music?

The speed you play music.

What does dynamics of music mean?

"dynamics" in music means how loud or quiet the music is.

What does karok mean?

it mean only a music for a song, but no one sing it, it' only a music for a song..

What does duration in music mean?

it is the legnth of a note or a sound in music

What does vibing mean?

to relax to music - I'm vibing to music

What does the role of music in society mean?

it means what did they do in their music career

What does crescendo mean in music terms?

The music gets louder

What does style mean in music?

It means type of music, as an a genre.

What does the term beat mean in music?

the tempo the music is played at

What does fourtay mean in music?

Forte means loud in music.

What does final mean in music?

coda means final in music

What is a Melody in music?

what does melody mean in music

What is the name of a high music note?

It depends on what you mean by high music note There are tons high music notes. if you mean the highest then that would be E.