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they have black skin and they smell

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Do black rhinos hibernate or migrate?

All rhinos migrate because they have to look around for water.

What does a rhinos look like?

Rhinos are grey with wrinkly skin and a big horn.

What is some information about rhinoceroses?

there are 6 kinds of them that i know of.(white rhinosare not white, in some language wide is pronounced white,so it really should be caled wide rhino because it's nose is wide & flat, great for grazing.)(black rhinos look like white rhinos except they heve a pointy top lip & are mor aggressive,it's named bleck because it was discovered near the black river.)(javan rhinos live in Asia they only have one horn unlike white & black rhinos,it is smaller then all but one of the other kinds.)(greater Indian rhinos look like javan rhinos except are biger & more blunt,there horns have a tendency to be straingly shaped.)(lesser Indian rhinos are just like the greater except it is smaller.)(sumatran rhinosare very small about half the size of normal rhinos if tnot smaller,some individuals have brown skin.)

What do rhinos look like?

Large, Grey, and with a Horn.

What does a rinosaurases habitat look like?

A rhinos habitat looks like ...

What do baby rhinos look like?

Like the weird ant eaters in star wars

Is a hippopotamus similar to a triceratops?

No because rhinos look more like them

What did the phone look like in the future?

Q: what will phones look like in the future? A: Your mum. :D

What does the future look like for the internet?

the future can look like a lot of things for the Internet.

What does the future look like as a nascar driver?

Its like if you drive you have a future

How will a computer look like in the future?

it will look like a robot that does homework for you

What will the grand canyon look like in the future?

There is no way to tell what the Grand Canyon will look like in the future. It is possible that it will widen.

Why do rhinos live at the zoo?

Because people like to look at them, so zoos get them to attract visitors.

What do the rhinos look like?

fat pigs that are dogs they killed my dad and mum my name is harry

What do White and Black Rhinos look like?

They look similar but the white rhinoceros is called the square-lipped rhinoceros and the black rhinoceros is called the hook-lipped rhinoceros because the shape of their lips is different. The Javanese Rhinoceros looks entirely different. I will make link to pictures of these animals below for you.

What are some examples of symbiotic relations in grasslands?

rhinos and and those birds that look like wood peckers.

What will the humans of the future look like?

The future humans in the year 3000 may look like robots. In fact, the evolution of humans are robots.

How often do black rhinos eat?

we dont know how often they eat so maby you should go and look it up some where elst.

What do black stallions look like?

Like a black horse who is male.

What does the penguins eyes look like?

they look black,just plain black.

What will my future children look like?

a bit like you and a bit like your husband

What will future bikes look like and be like?

Mostly like present bikes, but, as nobody can predict the future, there may be some surprises.

What does a locust insect look like?

What does a black locust look like

What does the future look like for water polo?

To be perfectly honest, Waterpolo has a bright future

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