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maybe because he doesn't want his friends to know that he likes you so he keeps it to him self

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He probably wants you for your body, or he doesn't eat and he has an interest in your lunch.

i dont know but just say that everthing happens and all your friends have one and at lunch they always talk about it i dont know but just say that everthing happens and all your friends have one and at lunch they always talk about it

If she always stares at you and tries to talk to you a lot then she probably likes you. If You like her talk to her back and don't leave when shes talking even if shes also talking to her friends. If she really likes you she might even sit at your lunch table but most girls won't have the guts to do that.

not all the time, but you should talk to him to find out.

She might feel like you are shunning her or are mad at her. She probably just wants to be included. Maybe she has had trouble in the past with losing friends and is afraid it might reoccur.

Someone is always going to not like you, it's part of life. But there is always someone who will like you. Try getting into sports to make friends, but remember to be yourself. Find some nice people at your school and ask to sit with them at lunch.

Most of the timeshe likes you ,but sometimes he can be discusted by you or just staring at something or someone else.

Let's break for lunch. I'm hungry for lunch, already.

You talk to her, sit at lunch with her. Be friends.

give them chances if you guys fall out again after the last chance you gave them just walk away and try to move on and change who you are friends with. if they are friends with the other person that is ok you just have to get on with that and not talk to the other person

Well I would say definently yes that would mean he likes you its been along time sincei was in school but yeah I'm sure he has a thing for you if he's always around you and your friends but just to be sure his eyes are on you and not one of your friends i would spend lunch alone for a day and see who he goes around you or your friends. if he goes to your friends find out if he asked about you

It is always breakfast,lunch,tea and after these comes dinner. Tea comes around 4 pm.

Maybe. Enjoy this time that you have and wait to see if he shows more solid proof he is interested. answer probably a 90% chance he does

Many people join each other for lunch for pleasure. Lunch dates are considered to be peaceful and relaxing thing to do with friends, family, and co-workers.

Being a teen girl, I understand your situation. If you like him say hi back, ask him to have lunch with you sometime, try to talk to him, try to sit next to him. Little things like that might help a lot.

illicit when my friends join me in lunch

They eat at a friends house or at home

Alex's Day Off - 2009 Lunch with Friends 1-5 was released on: USA: 2009

The word 'afraid' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.The adjective 'afraid' is most often used as a predicate adjective (subject complement), an adjective following a linking verb that restates the subject of the sentence.Examples:Jack is afraid of snakes. (Jack = afraid)I was afraid that you couldn't make it. (I = afraid)Afraid she'd miss the bus, Mary ran out without her lunch. (afraid = Mary)

I think that it is ILLEGAL for a school to not schedule a lunch period. but if I'm wrong please correct me so i know.Somebody ask your principal, unless your afraid.

you can tell if he likes you if he invites you to a party at his place, if he sits close by at lunch, or if he is always looking your way I think that you can tell if a boy likes you if hes always fixing his around around you. Or keeps trying to make you laugh, tries to look his best for you every day. (but he could just be very vain). For other boys, like heavy metal ones- they'll ask you what your favorite band. and they try to sit next to you in class or at lunch. I think that he likes u if he smiles when he sees u and things like that Eye contact! If he stares at you a lot he might like you. If he stares at you and you stare back and he looks away, he is probably shy but he might still like you! If he stares at you and you stare back at him and you guys hold that eye contact that definitly means something!! That happened to me today and trust me it means something!

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