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Place of prostration....

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Q: What does the Arabic word masjid mean?
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What does the word masjid mean?

It is an Arabic word meaning Mosque or house of kneeling (prayer). Place of Prostration

What is a mosque and what is a masjid?

Masjid is the Arabic word. Mosque is the English word, sort of the result of a bad transliteration.

What is the origin of the italain word moschea?

It comes from the Arabic word masjid, which is temple in English

What are the names of some mosques in Arabic?

Masjid al Haram, Masjid al Aqsa

What is the name of Islam temples?

a Mosque, or in Arabic: Masjid

What does Arabic word inshallala mean in English?

What does Arabic word inshallala mean in English

where is Quran kept in the mosque?

masjid in Arabic (or mosque in English)

How do you pronounce the word mosque?

Mosque is pronounced as 'mosk'. It is a place of worship for the followers of the Islamic religion.

What does dodge mean in Arabic?

Dodge is not an Arabic word.

What does the Arabic word jabal mean?

The Arabic word jabal means 'mountain'.

Name for Muslim church?

It is called in Arabic Masjid or mosque in English

What does the word Gayer mean in Arabic?

Gayer is a not a word in modern English. If you mean "happier," the Arabic word is أسعد (pronounced 'as3ad)