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Means the ridgey didge information or the cream of all advice.

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Q: What does the Australia saying good oil mean?
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What does it mean if your oil is a yellow color?

It means that your oil is good - fresh oil is usually a yellow or amber colour.

How much oil does Australia produce?

Australia oil production is estimated to be 482,500 barrels a day. Experts believe that Australia's oil reserves are around 3.9 billion barrels.

Where does Australia get its energy from?

In 2011 oil accounted for 36% of Australia's energy used. The country imports most of its refined petroleum products from Singapore which depends on the Middle East for 80% of its supply. There has been an extensive shale oil discovery, but the cost of getting to the oil now overpowers the attractiveness of the discovery.

What does it mean when a message comes up saying perform service on a 2002 Chrysler town and country?

Time for an oil change.

From which countries does Australia import crude oil from?

13% of Australia's crude oil comes from the middle east

Is Oiling in navel good?

72% of Americans say it is good however i don't know because we all know the saying... "Oil makes the navel boil"

What does the saying cream always comes to the top mean?

The fat in the cream is what rises the cream just like oil in salad dressing.

Does Australia export oil?

Nope. Australia uses the oil it drills within the country, which only meets 70% of the country's oil needs. The other 30% of the oil is imported from Singapore.

What does 'good oil' mean in Australian slang?

It means true and reliable facts.

What does oil around the muffler mean?

Your engines blown! 0.0 oh dear. You engine is burning oil. Not good. Get her to a shop.

Where are oil palm trees found?

in thepalm plantations of Australia or just Australia

What other oil can you dilute patchouli oil with?

I bought patchouli oil and people are saying its to strong what can I dilute it with ? and is this oil for men?