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Q: What does the Australian flag symbol represents?
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Why doesn't the Australian flag have an aboriginal symbol on it?

Because Aboriginals weren't considered when the flag was designed. Does the American flag have a representation for Native Americans in the design? The Union Jack in the Australian flag represents the colonial power, the source of language, law and traditions, and the major source of immigrants, at least until WWII.

What does the union jack symbol represent on the Australian flag?

The union Jack represents Australia's connection to England

Should the Australian flag be used as a seat cover and carpet?

That certainly doesn't seem very respectful towards the flag. The flag is a symbol for the country it represents, in this case, Australia. Even if you happen to be from another country I would suggest you avoid that.

Why is it important that the Australian flag is seen at special events?

It is a symbol of Australian patriotism.

In a Pakistani flag a star represents the symbol of?


What does the japan flag symbol mean?

What any flag represents-Morality, honor, and bravery.

What color represents mother?

I think blue. Blue is the color that represents mother and wife on "The universal family flag" and "The universal symbol for family". The mother is blue because she represents truth and life on the flag and symbol.

Why do people think the American flag is an important symbol of your nation?

Well they think that is important because the symbol of the flag represents the USA.

Why does the Australian Two Dollar coin have five stars?

It represents the Southern Cross, like on the Australian Flag.

What does the blue on the Australian flag mean?

The blue on the Australian flag is simply the British blue ensign. It represents nothing more than Australia's British heritage.

What does the commonwealth star mean - the one on the auatralian flag?

The Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag represents the Australian States and Territories. It has 7 points representing each state and territory.

How is the Australian flag multicultural?

The Australian flag is not multicultural. It represents Australia's British heritage in the use of the Union Jack, and it features the Southern Criss and the Federation Star.

What symbol represents the Philippines?

The Philippine flag is the national emblem.

Why is the American flag considered a symbol of the United States?

It represents the country's history

How does the Australian flag represent the symbol of unity?

The flag symbolises unity because there is a seven point star and that represents the 7 states of australia Victoria, new south wales queensland, south autralia, central australia , ACT and tasmania.

What does the symbol and colors stand for on the flag of palau?

the circle represents peace and the blue represents sovereignty and freedom.

What does the symbol on the Japanese flag mean?

The red circle on the Japan flag represents the rising red sun

What do the blue white and red represents on the Australian flag?

That it is the same queen as British

What does the symbol in the middle of the Egyptian flag represent?

It represents Tutankhamen's pet,

What do the stars mean on the australian flag?

There are two different sets of stars on the Australian flag. The first solo star represents the commonwealth. The second is a group of stars that represent the Southern Cross Constellation.

What does the symbol on the palau flag represent?

The blue base represents the ocean and the yellow dot represents a full moon

Why is the Canadian Flag so important?

The Canadian flag is so important because it is a national symbol of Canada. It represents them as a country!

Why are there guidelines on the use of the national flag?

The flag is a symbol of freedom, pride and respect and it is understood that many individuals have died for what it represents.

What does the lamb and the flag mean?

The lamb is a symbol of the Shepard's which Jesus contributed in his daily life, and the flag represents that we are one and we agree on what culture we are.

How does the Australian flag look like What does it symbolize?

The Australian flag shows a union jack on a blue field with white stars. The union jack represents Australia's British heritage, the Southern Cross Constellation represents Australia's location, and the 7 stars represent the 6 territories and Australia.