What does the Frieling French Press do?


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The Frieling French Press is a type of coffee maker. It is used to keep coffee or tea warm after it is brewed. It is in a stainless steel container.

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Bodum is the most well-known french press brand and offers a variety of options at differing price points. The vast majority of online reviews are positive for the Bodum brand. Frieling is a high quality brand offering several models, but they are generally more expensive than the Bodum french press. Several users reported their Frieling press was not standing up over time as well as the Bodum models.

The answer to your question is sadly no. They are all stainless steel and have no side glass on them. I wish they did, I hope this helps and good luck hunting for one that does.

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A French press, also known as a coffee press or press pot, is generally used for brewing coffee or tea. It can be used in place of the common drip coffee brewer.

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French press coffee makers need not be expensive. You can get a reasonable price one for under $15. It is the Bonjour 53392 Hugo French model. You can get it at Sears or

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A coffee press, French Press, or a cafetière, is used to brew coffee. However, if you wish, you can use it to make milk foam.

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One can purchase a French coffee press from big box retailers such as Walmart and Target. They can also be bought anywhere that small appliances are sold as well as on Ebay.

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I have a french press, actually. It's a handheld cylinder that you place coffee grounds in, add boiling water, insert the 'press' and push gently down until the ready-to-drink coffee has pushed through the 'press' into the upper part of the cylinder. Remove the cap/press, and pour yourself a yummy cup of coffee!! You can throw out the coffee grounds at this point.

A French coffee press is a device for separating the coffee solids from the liquid coffee. It works by pushing a filter down through the coffee, pushing the solids down to the bottom of the pot.

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Automatic coffee makers are much more convenient, but french press coffee makers are more 'real' coffee. It really depends on preference and what you are looking for in a drink.

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