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What does the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come show Scrooge?

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December 16, 2013 4:53PM

The ghost of Christmas future shows Scrooge the future! No, I`m kidding. They go into the future and Scrooge finds out that Tiny Tim died. Then, he sees all these people talking about somebody`s death and "it`s about time" and all that. So then the spirit takes him to another gravestone, but it`s covered in snow. So when Scrooge asks the spirit who`s tomb it is, the snow blows away and it says, "EBENEEZER SCROOGE BORN (whatever whatever) DIED DEC. 25". And then he freaks out and he`s like, "nooooooo!" (Well, he didn`t actually say that, but his face said it.) And then the ground starts sinking around him, and he grabs onto a root, and there`s this coffin under him that opens, with red flames around it, and he`s like, "noooooo" again (Again, not really). And then he falls, and he wakes up all tangled in his bed curtains, etc., etc., and then Tiny Tim is all like, "God bless us, everyone!" and the movie/ book ends! THE END!!!!!!!!!!!