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it means "is" for the 3rd person of singular and of plural!

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Q: What does the Greek einai mean?
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What does the greek ti einai psixi mou' mean?

Ti einai psixi mou translates to: "What is my soul"

What does 'ti einai afto' mean in English?

Translated from the Greek, it means "what is that?".

How do you say where is it in Greek?

Pou einai?

How do you say is in Greek?

Is in Greek is είναι. in English characters= einai pronounce"ee-nayh"

What is 'Your body is beautiful' in Greek?

'to soma sou einai omorfo'

What is are in Greek?

Polytonic Greek: εἴναι Monotonic Greek: είναι English spelling: einai Pronunciation: EE-neh

What is god's Christian name in Greek?

O theos einai agape

What is the movie title 'It's Complicated' in Greek?

Einai berdemeno is a Greek equivalent of the title to the movie 'It's Complicated'.

What does POPO RE ti einai auto to manari mean in greek?

It's sort of difficult to translate as it is idiomatic, but basically, it means something on the order of "Tsk, tsk, baby, what is it, my little lamb?"

How do you say that is just beautiful in greek?

afto einai apla omorfi[omorfos]<it would be easier if i knew what you were talking about

What has the author Lane Coulter written?

Lane C. McGaughy has written: 'Toward a descriptive analysis of [einai] as a linking verb in New Testament Greek' -- subject(s): Bible, Biblical Greek language, Einai (The Greek word), Language, style, Syntax 'Toward a descriptive analysis of (einai (romanized form)) as a linking verb in New Testament Greek' -- subject(s): Biblical Greek language, Einai (The Greek word), Syntax

What is 'name' in Greek?

όνομα/onoma [oh-no-ma]example: 'to onoma mou einai' = 'my name is' but more commonly used is 'me lene'