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The Hebrew letter shin (ש) represents an "sh" sound. It is the 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

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Shin (also spelled Šin (šīn) or Sheen) is the name of the twenty-first letter of the various Semitic alphabets, including:

  • Phoenician Shin = ?
  • Hebrew Shin = ש‎
  • Aramaic Shin = ?
  • Ugaritic Shen = ?
  • Syriac Shin = ܫ
  • Arabic Shin= ش‎ (in abjadi order, 13th in modern order). Its sound is [ʃ] or [s].

The Phoenician letter gave rise to the Greek Sigma (Σ) (which in turn gave Latin S and Cyrillic С), and the letter Sha in the Glagolitic and Cyrillic scripts (Glagolitic sha.svg, Ш).The South Arabian and Ethiopian letter Śawt (ሠ)is also cognate.
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Sheen (pronounced shin in ashkenazic Hebrew) is ש and it has the sound of sh.

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Q: What does the Hebrew letter shin mean?
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What is the 20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet between Qof and Shin?

The 20th letter is Resh (ר) which falls between Qof (ק) and Shin (ש).

What Hebrew alphabet letter has the numerical value of 300?

Shin (ש)

What do the letters ayin mem shin mean?

עמש does not appear to be a Hebrew word.

What three rivers in Israel show the Hebrew letter shin over Israel?

Israel has 20 rivers, and you can make a Shin out of them in many different ways.

What do the letters for Allah in Arabic mean Is the W or shem type letter a tooth. The first letter on the right- does it picture a tent peg like the Hebrew vav?

You are mixing Hebrew images with Arabic images. the letters for Allah in arabic spell the word "Allah" phonetically. There is no Shin (ש) in Allah, although shin does mean "tooth". There is no Vav (ו) in Allah, although Vav does mean tent peg. The letter tha looks like Vav is actually the Arabic Alif (ا), and the letters that look like shin are actually two lams ( ل ل ) which have the sound of L.

What is the Hebrew letter w?

There is no "w" in Hebrew, although the letter vav (ו) is believed to have been pronounced like a "w" in ancient times.There is also the letter ש (shin) which is shaped somewhat like the Latin w, but has the sound of sh.

What are some Hebrew names that start with the Hebrew letter Ire?

"Ire" is not a Hebrew letter. You might mean either Yod (י) or Resh (ר)

What does the Hebrew letter tav mean?

The letter tav (ת), the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, has a "t" sound.

How do you say first in Hebrew?

first is Rishon in Hebrew. In Hebrew you spell it Reish, Alef, Shin, Vav, Nun - ראשון

What is the Hebrew word for 'women'?

'Women' is translated into נשים in Hebrew: Nun, Shin, Yud, Mem. Pronounced: Nashim In singular mode - a woman is אשה: Alef, Shin, He. Pronounced: Isha

What does jole mean in Hebrew?

The name Jolie is French in origin, meaning 'pretty', it is not a Hebrew name or word. Note: The Hebrew language does not have a letter equivalent to the letter 'J'.

What is the Hebrew word for Sara?

Sara is spelled Shin, Resh, Hey. In Hebrew it is שרה.