What does the Indian name Rohit mean?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Last ray of the sun.

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Q: What does the Indian name Rohit mean?
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What is full farm of rohit Kumar?

Rohit Kumar is already a full form; it's an Indian name for boys.

What is a rohit?

Rohit is an Indian name for a person. It means 'Red'. In Hindi red or 'laal' also means "Sweetheart"

What is mean of hindi name rohit?

it means sun

What does the name rohit mean?

It means the brother of Ritesh.

What is the fullform of the name ''Rohit''?


Is rohit a cool name?

Rohit (pronounced with a long o, a short i, and the t at the end makes sort of a th sound) is the name that is the best in the world, and it makes awesome sauce complete. Rohit is an Indian (referring to India) name, mostly used by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jain religions. This is Rohit in the Hindi language: रोहित. Rohit means sun in Hindi, but it can be derived from Sanskrit too. In its Sanskritmeaning, it means the red rays of the sun which correlated with the Hindi version of it. Rohit can also be derived from Rohitha, the red deer the Hindu God Brahma appeared as. The roots of Rohit are cool right?These are a few famous beings named Rohit (Mostly known in India):~Rohit Bal - An Indian Fashion Designer (His clothing are the equivalent of Armani in the USA)~Rohit Jivenlal Parikh - a mathematician, logician, and philosopher (Albert Einstein of India)~Rohit Roy - an Indian television star (The equivalent of Brad Pitt in the USA)~Rohit Sharma - an Indian cricket (baseball equivalent of the USA) player (Equivalent of Derek Jeeter in the USA)~Rohit Shetty - A film director, presenter, and cinematographer (Equivalent of James Cameron in the USA)~Rohit Chand - Nepali (referring to Nepal) soccer playerAnd finally for the best being named Rohit:~Rohit, a name for Vishnu, one of the three main Hindu Gods (Vishnu has a thousand names referred to as the Vishnu Sahasranam, विष्णु सहस्रणाम in Hindi)Isn't Rohit a name that really does haveawesome sauce?

What is the meaning of Hindu name Rohit?

Rohit means red

What is the full name of Rohit Sharma cricketer?

rohit gurunath sharma

Who is the Indian cricket team opener?

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan

What is the meaning of the Hindi name Rohit?

the meaning for rohit is"the first light comes form sun"

Which player's jersey no is 44 in Indian team?

Rohit Sharma

What is the name of rohit shetty father name?

rohit shetty the director of golmaal series of films is the son of famous villain of 1970s and 80s SHETTY,the bald one...