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They had to obey the Germans's command.


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They were the first step before they started sending Jewish people off to concentration camps and they also removed them from the outside world, which is what the Nazis wanted.

They had to hide because if they didn't the Nazis would find them and take them to concentration camps.

The star of David had to be worn during World War Two, so that the 'Nazis' and Germans knew that the people wearing it were Jewish or 'impure'.

During World War II, the Nazis established more than 400 ghettos in order to isolate Jews from the non-Jewish population and from neighboring Jewish communities.

During World War II, the Germans were the Nazis.

In Poland, 3 million Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War 2, or 90% of the pre-war Jewish population. When viewed more broadly, the USSR had the most victims, counting the Jews, the POWs and non-Jewish population destroyed by the Nazis during occupation. In all. the USSR lost about 25 million people in World War 2.

No, because Hitler was such a cruel man he beat everyone that he could not use as a slave

anne frank was a Jewish girl , who had to go hiding during the second world war to escape the Nazis

Yes, many were. Some didn't know about the killings of the Jewish people in Europe. Many Germans were against the assaination and mistreatment of the Jewish people. And even against what the Nazis were doing to their country, churches and to their children. Many Germans believed the Nazis were responsible for what the enemy allies did to them and their people when they lost the 2nd world war.

The Nazis persecuted the Jews During WWII

Jewish people face antisemitism during World War II, not racism. They were persecuted because of their religious beliefs in Nazi controlled countries and placed in either work camps where they were worked to death or death camps where they were executed. They were not the only people targeted by the Nazis. The Nazis also targeted gypsies, ethnic Poles, and many artists.

Jewish people were killed during World War 2 because Hitler thought that they were beneath the German race. There were millions of Jewish people that were killed during this time.

The Nazis claimed that the Jews has supported the allies in the First World War. Also, the Nazis feared the growth of the Jewish population and Jewish influence.

Jewish girls wore a magen david that says Jew on there coat so the Nazis know who was Jewish are notAnswerJewish girls wore a magen david that says Jew on there coat so the Nazis know who was Jewish are not AnswerJewish girls wore a magen david that says Jew on there coat so the Nazis know who was Jewish are not

It was not indians that were in concentration camps. However during world war 2 the nazis under order of hitler took jewish people and captured them unwillingly into the concentration camps.

The Jewish people were taken from there homes during WW2

There is no such thing as a Jewish number on a wrist. But it sounds like you are describing Holocaust survivors, who were tattooed by the Nazis with identification numbers during World Word II.

Jewish people wore the star of David. this way the Nazis knew who were the Jews

They felt horrible during World War II

These were neighborhoods into which the Nazis herded the Jews.

Historically speaking, the Nazis persecuted the Jewish people in the era of World War II. The Nazis sent started the persecution by using segregation until eventually they began sending the Jews to concentration camps to be tortured and killed.

because the jewish people didnt want to be pushed around by germans because everyone is equal in the world because we are all humans and they didnt want to be sent to the concentration camps.

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