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It doesn't mean anything. The words la and ignorami don't exist in Latin. The other two are Latin words, but they don't fit together grammatically: nihil is a neuter noun that means "nothing", and viva is a feminine adjective that means "alive".

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Q: What does the Latin phrase nihil viva la ignorami mean?
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What does the latin phrase nihil nisi fui mean?

Nothing if not to be

What does Latin phrase nihil reddo mean in English?

It means "I give back nothing" or "I give up nothing".

What does sub sole mean?

Sub sole is Latin for "under the sun". For example, the phrase "nothing new under the sun" from Ecclesiastes is rendered nihil sub sole novum in the Latin Vulgate translation.

What is the root of nihil?

Nihil = 'Nothing' as a noun; 'not at all' as an abverb

What is the right translation of fear nothing in latin nihil timeo or nihil timendum est?

nihil timendum est = fear nothing nihil timeo = I fear nothing

What does 'vox et praeterea nihil' mean?

The Latin phrase 'vox et praeterea nihil' means a voice and nothing more. The word-by-word translation is the following: 'vox' means 'voice'; 'et' means 'and'; 'praeterea' means ''besides, beyond this or further' or 'after this or hereafter'; and 'nihil' means 'nothing'. According to classical Latin, the pronunciation is as follows: wohks eht pri-TEH-ray-ah NEE-hihl. According to liturgical Latin, the pronunciation is the following: vohks eht pri-TEH-ray-ah NEE-hihl.

What does the Latin phrase ''si'' mean?

what does the Latin phrase ''Si Hoc'' mean

What does the foreign phrase ld est mean?

The phrase is in Latin, and it translates to "It is."

What does the Latin phrase a priori mean?

From the former.

What does the Latin phrase vobiscum mean?

With you all.

What does the Latin phrase te telestai mean?

It is finish

What does the phrase '' E Pluribus Unum mean What does that phrase refre?

Latin for "out of many, one."