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What does the Missouri River flow into?


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Into the Mississippi River, near St. Louis, in St. Charles County, Missouri.

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No! The Merrimack River in Massachusetts is not the same as the Meramec river in Missouri.

The two major rivers that flow into the Mississippi river are the Missouri river and Ohio River.

The Missouri River flows from the intermediate direction of north to south. The only river that does not flow from north to south is the Nile River, and it flows from south to north. YOUR WELCOME!

One river that flows into the Mississippi River is the Missouri River.

The Ohio River, at Cape Girardeu, Missouri. The Missouri River just north of St. Louis, Missouri. The Arkansas River

The Missouri River flows east and south from the Rocky Mountains in Montana to the Mississippi river near St. Louis Missouri.

It flows towards the Missouri River. ( East )

Mississippi River, Brazos River, Missouri River, and Ohio River.

Among others there is the Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas.

# Ohio River. # Illinois River. # Missouri River. # Arkansas River.

Missouri River BasinThe Missouri River starts in Montana and flows through North and South Dakota, forms the boundary between Nebraska and Iowa and part of the boundary between Kansas and Missouri, and flows through Missouri to the Mississippi River.

The four rivers that flow into the Mississippi River are Ohio River, Missouri River, Illinois river and Arkansas River. The Mississippi River is one of the longest rivers in the world.

The Missouri River, The Ohio River, The Colorado rivers.

The Missouri does, the Colorado does not. It empties instead into the Sea of Cortez.

It is the Missouri river. Thank you very much for looking on Wiki answers!!

The Missouri River (which flows through Dakota), is formed by the joining of these 3 rivers - the Gallatin River; the Madison River; and the Jefferson Rivers - near Three Forks, Montana.

The Big Sioux Missouri Mississippi and Des Moines Rivers flow through the state of Iowa. The Des Moines River is a tributary of the Mississippi River. The Big Sioux Missouri Mississippi River is the largest in Iowa.

Many rivers flow into the Mississippi River. The two largest are the Missouri from the west and the Ohio from the east.

Missouri eventually enter the Mississippi river which then leads to the gulf of Mexico

many rivers flow through Iowa such as the Mississippi river, Missouri river, Iowa river, Cedar river, and several more.

The Mississippi river starts in northern Minnesota, at lake Itasca. Then it flows south and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. (It is debated if the Mississippi runs into the Missouri river or if the Missouri runs into the Mississippi river.)

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