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What does the Primary Test of Nonverbal Intelligence measure?


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July 12, 2009 6:26AM

Taken from the Primary Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (PTONI) Manual: The Primary Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (PTONI) is a standardized norm-referenced test of reasoning abilities (e.g. sequencing, visualization, conceptualization) in young children. The nonverbal format of the PTONI requires no oral responses and minimal motor responses, thus reducing the potential for language differences or delays or motor impairments to confound results. Psychologists, diagnosticians, special educators, speech-language pathologists, and other professionals can use this test to identify both severe intellectual deficits and superior cognitive intelligence. The test was normed on a diverse sample of 1,010 children residing in 38 states. The PTONI is a quick, accurate and cost-efficient way to measure intelligence. Testing takes approximately 5 to 15 minutes.