What does the Roman Hagiography report about Saint Valentine?

St. Valentine, in the Roman Martyrology which is the compendium of martyrs of the Roman Catholic Church, includes popular saints from the more extensive Roman Hagiography, lists two 3rd Century martyrs named Valentine as having 14 February as their feast day. They entries are likely for the same man.

One was a priest at Rome. The other Valentine was the Bishop of Terni. Fr. Valentine healed the daughter of a Roman prefect and converted his entire family to Christianity. Bishop Valentine is known for the gift of miracle-working. Victims of anti-Christian persecutions, both saints were martyred and buried at Rome.

In art, St. Valentine reflects this double legend, for Valentine, the bishop, is dressed in episcopal vestments; where Fr. Valentine is dressed in the vestments of a priest. Both Valentine's symbols are the pastoral staff, the martyr's palm, and presented curing an epileptic child. He is invoked against stomach pains. Both Sts. Valentine are the patrons of lovers, the betrothed and epileptics.