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Q: What does the Rosetta stone reveal about the ancient civilization?
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What civilization is the Rosetta stone from?

Ancient Egypt

What impact did the Rosetta Stone have on the civilization?

The Rosetta Stone let archaeologists understand, read and find out about Ancient Egyptian Civilizations. The Rosetta Stone had hieroglyphics written on it.

Is Rosetta stone a person?

No, the Rosetta Stone was not a person. They named it the Rosetta Stone because it was discovered in Rosetta, a town in northern Egypt near the Nile delta.

When was Rosetta stone made?

The Rosetta Stone is an ancient slab of stone with writings in three languages. It dates back to 196 B.C.

What is the Rosetta stone made out of?

The Rosetta Stone is pinkish-grey granodiorite, on which the three languages were carved.

What was the Rosetta Stone useful?

Understanding ancient languages

Is the Rosetta stone technology?

The original Rosetta Stone was a stone tablet that researches found and used to help translate an ancient egyptian language, so no. If you were reffering to the new Rosetta Stone, which is a language learning technology, then yes. See why they call it Rosetta Stone? Because the original was used to decifer an ancient language. By the way, this is the first straight answer I've given.

Who is the Rosetta stone important to?

It is part of the history of ancient Egypt.

Is the ancient Rosetta stone a artifact?

No, if it has writing on it it's not prehistoric.

Date and place the Rosetta stone was found?

The Rosetta Stone is a slab that depicts three different ancient languages. It was discovered in Egypt in 1799.

What role did the Rosetta stone play in understanding the writing of ancient egyptians?

The Rosetta stone helped scholars discover the whole Egyptian alphabet.

Did Rosetta stone come from Bible?

No, the Rosetta Stone had nothing to do with the Bible really. The Rosetta Stone was written by Egyptian priests to celebrate the rise of a Hellenistic king. It helps decode the ancient hieroglyphic manuscripts that evidentiate the bible.