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Haggis is made from sheep offal (specifically: sheep's heart, liver and lungs) mixed with onions, oatmeal and suet. The mixture is spiced then stuffed into beef intestine and boiled. For a traditional recipe, see the link below.


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No its definitely not from Lancashire, haggis is a traditional Scottish dish!

Scottish people, haggis is a dish from Scotland.

Yes they are. They're a Scottish dish..!

Haggis is not a British dish. It is Scottish. Many people get British and Scottish food confused as well as Irish and Welsh, but to answer your question, Haggis is not a traditional British food. It is a traditional Scottish food, but some English people enjoy the dish.

Haggis is a Scottish dish (offal, spice and oats cooked in sheep's stomach), NOT an animal. Therefore haggis do not eat anything, they are eaten!.

Haggis - but it is usual a sheep's stomach that is used.

Haggis is NOT an animal it is a dish/food. Haggis is a combination of meats and spices cooked in a sheep stomach and when it is done it is served with a shot of Scottish "gravy" whiskey. It sounds awful, but it is very good.

Probably haggis although it certainly isn't the main dish of the Scottish people.

Although haggis is traditionally a Scottish dish, it has been said that it was imported to Scotland before Scotland became it's own nation. It is believed that the dish can be traced back as far back as Ancient Roman times.

Haggis is the national dish of Scotland.

The national dish in Scotland is haggis made from the lungs, liver and heart of a lamb. Other Scottish foods are bannocks, stovies, Scottish beef, Scottish broth or hotch-potch, black buns, colcannon and Scottish salmon.

A haggis (a scottish dish made from the liver, heart and lungs of a sheep, boiled inside its stomach).

Burns was a witty and original poet who wrote poems on all sorts of topics. One such was his Ode to the Haggis which celebrated a uniquely Scottish dish; moreover a dish which was the dish of the agrarian working class from which Burns came. When Scots thought to celebrate the anniversary of their national poet what better dish to eat at the celebratory supper than Haggis with neeps and tatties (turnips and boiled potatoes. Accompanied at many tables with a glass (or two) of Scotch whisky.

Haggis is a dish, traditionally associated with Scotland, made of minced offal boiled in a sheep's stomach.

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made from the offal (Heart, Lungs, Liver and Kidneys) of a sheep, ground and mixed with Oatmeal, onions and spices. The mixture is traditionally placed in the stomach of the sheep and boiled. It is considered a pudding as stated in Robert Burns' famous 'Ode to a Haggis', which is recited during the traditional carving of the pudding during the meal served at either the Feast of St. Andrew or Burns Night. Both occurrences have the Presentation of the Haggis which is carried in on a plate led by Scottish Pipers. The ode is recited and during the recitation, the speaker cuts the Haggis. It is then served to the assemblage sometimes with taters and neeps (Potatoes and Turnips. Drambuie is the usual accompaniment to which some pour it over the Haggis to make it more palatable. Haggis does have a sharp dry taste.

"Haggis" is a Scottish dish; Spaniards do not eat it at all. The most famous Spanish food is paella, but there are also numerous tapas that are commonly consumed like patatas bravas, jamon ibérico, solomillo, calamares, etc.

Scotland's national dish is haggis, a savory meat pudding.

Probably Haggis with Tatties and Neaps.

Porridge, haggis and fried Mars Bars.

Haggis, the national dish of Scotland is a pudding that contains innards of sheep, as well as onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and mixed with stock. It is usually cooked inside an animals stomach.

Brochan is an oat based dish, or commonly known as 'porridge'

Essentially Cullen Skink is a soup made from smoked flaked haddock, potatoes and onions. For a recipe see related links.

Haggis is an English pudding-like dish made in a sheep's stomach. It is certainly much more like a sausage then it is a cake in flavor.

Haggis is is a traditional Scottish dish. Although there are many recipes, it is normally made with the following ingredients: sheep's pluck*, onion, oatmeal, suet*, spices, salt and stock. Then traditionally boiled in animal's stomach for and hour. Pluck= heart, liver and lungs Suet= hard fat around the kidneys and loins in beef and sheep

Scotland. It is Scotland's national dish. Traditional Haggis consists of a sheep's stomach stuffed with diced innards (pluck), onion, oatmeal, salt and spices and typically served with root vegetables, known as haggis with mashed tatties and neeps. One theory claims a chieftain may have had an animal or two killed for a particular feast, the heart, liver and lungs being passed to the butchering servant as his payment for services rendered. Haggis was always a popular dish for the poor being cheap cuts of nourishing meat that would otherwise have been thrown away.

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