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What does the Warning lig ht steering wheel on my vectra mean?


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Warning lights are the vehicle's warning indicators. When a warning light is lit up, it means that something is wrong and in need of immediate attention.


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It may mean your power steering fluid is low, or needs serviced.

This means you have a fault with your power steering. You should contact the garage as the power steering may fail.

Cruise control is on...... activated by the buttons on the end of the indicator stalk - read your manual

1. Low steering fluid level. 2. Incorrect software version in steering ECU. 3. Failed steering ECU. Some Early Vectras (of the Vectra "C" model) had a fluid level switch in the fluid bottle. This switch is well known for giving false "low fluid" warning messages, and was deleted from later cars. There is a software update available from Vauxhall dealers, that deletes the "low fluid level" function. If the software update does not fix the problem, and the fluid level is correct, a new steering pump/ECU/fluid reservoir assembly will be needed. (or just ignore the massage)

It indicates a problem with your power steering system. Could be as simple as low power steering fluid level.

The steering wheel will be really hard to turn.

Power steering fluid is low, or sensor fault

a steering wheel srevice means that if you have power sterring in your car they fix it. they also fix ur aliignment

53' plate Punto showing red steering wheel light and amber engine management light. No reduction in performance or steering. CITY mode still working. ANY CLUES ???

do you mean like a steering wheel, and the airbag is a pump which follows out air if there's a crash.

what do you mean by unlock, if you mean the steering wheel lock then yoou put the key in the ignition and turn it while you wiggle the wheel

== == You should find out here!!! PDF Manuals for all Opel/Vauxhalls from 2002 onwards!!

Yes, but you need to swap your airbag system if your GTI steering wheel hasn't got one. This will mean disconnecting your battery for at least 10 mins disconnecting airbag system, which will mean removing centre consol. Best get a Hayes Manual.

There are two buttons (one on left side of steering wheel and one on the right side of steering wheel) that beeps often when driving, what does that mean?

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