Amur Leopards

What does the amur leopard eat?

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Do Amur leopard eat jack rabbit?

No jack rabbits don't live in Asia, where the Amur leopard is found.

How often does amur leopard eat?

When it is hungry

What animals eat amur leopard?

indian wild dogs eat a amur leopard

How much food does a amur leopard eat?


How often does a amur leopard eat?

every night

Are the Amur leopard rare?

Yes the the Amur leopard is rare

Where does the Amur leopard live?

the Amur leopard lives in can find an amur leopard korea, northeast china, or eastern russia

Where does an Amur leopard live?

The Amur leopard is usually living in Russia

What size is an Amur leopard?

what is the size of the amur leopard

How did the Amur leopard get its name?

The Amur leopard got its name from were it came from .Amur means oriental or eastern

Why is the Amur leopard endanger?

why is amur leopard endangered

How long is a Amur leopard?

The Amur Leopard is 1.22-1.50 metres long

Is the Amur leopard extinct in the wild?

No. But the Amur Leopard is critically close to becoming extinct.

What are amur leopard babies called?

amur leopard babies are called cubs or pups

Does amur leopard eat everyday?

5-6 pounds of meat a day

Where does the Amur leopard come from?

The Amur Leopard is native to korea, northeast china and eastern russia.

What can be done to prevent the Amur leopard from becoming extinct?

what can be done to prevent the Amur leopard from becoming extinct?

Does the Amur leopard live in the amazon?

No, they are from the Amur region in Russia.

What is the rarest leopard?


What color is the Amur leopard?

An Amur leopard has the same colour as other leopards. For a picture you can check the link below.

Is the Amur leopard a invetebrate or a vertebrate?

all mammals are vertebrate the amur leopard is a mammal so it has a spine/verebrate

Is Amur leopard useful?

Every living this is useful to the environment! The Amur Leopard is the most endangered wild cat.

What does the amur leapard eat?

The amur leopard eats mostly roe deer, silka deer, musk deer, wild boars, hares and badgers.

What is causing a amur leopard population to decline?

Loss of habitat and also poaching of the amur leopard and also its prey which results in less food for the leopard

How did the Amur leopard get his name?

They got their name by the Amur river in Siberia.

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