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It powers the BIOS memory, keeping your bios settings active, and it powers the clock.

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What is the destop computer?

A desktop computer is a computer that sits on a desk and has a CPU (Macs don't have CPUs). Desktop can't run on a battery like a laptop can.

What does a computer battery do?

In a laptop, your computer battery keeps your computer running when it isn't plugged in. The batteries on a laptop will eventually run out and will automatically recharge when you plug your laptop back in. With a desktop computer, a small battery keeps your computers internal clock powered when your computer is not plugged in.

Where is the battery located inside of a desktop computer?

on the motherboard

What does the battery in a computer do?

In a desktop computer, the battery stores the CMOS settings and keeps the real-time clock running. In a laptop computer, the main battery is used to power the computer when it is not plugged into a wall adapter.

How do you get a widget on your desktop?

If your computer operating system will allow widgets to run on your computer then you are half way there. Widgets are designed to run in a part of the desktop called the Dock. Either the operating system will allow those widgets to run elsewhere on the desktop or you are out of luck.

How much watts battery power required for the 4 desktop computer?


How do you start or run the desktop computer?

Press the start button

Which brands of laptops can run JAVA?

Any computer (desktop or laptop) can run Java.

How is a laptop different from a desktop?

Basically, a laptop is designed to be portable, and can run off an internal battery until the battery goes flat. A desktop is designed to sit on a desk, table, workstation, etc, and is not meant to be portable. Unlike the more compact laptop, the desktop usually has an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, and is unlikely to have an internal battery. Both the laptop and desktop can be run off the mains.

Does a laptop need a battery to work?

no your laptop can run w/o the battery even inserted... The computer can also run on a power cord its a little better then having the computer run without the battery & the cord.

How much electricity does a laptop consume compared with desktop computer?

A laptop has a battery pack and can be run on the battery for some time. It needs recharging which will use electricity but not as much as a desktop computer. The amount of power any computer will use depends on a number of factors such as the amount of time it is left on standby. You are probably better to leave the desktop on standby than to turn it off, because it could use more power to reboot all the time than when left on standby. This would only apply if you use the desktop daily or more often.

Will I lose bios memory in my desktop computer if I take out the battery?

what is the role of BIOS? why is it important for it to keep its memory after the computer is switched off?

What would be the pros and cons of switching to a laptop computer?

The most obvious benefit of switching from a desktop computer to a laptop is portability; they have the ability to go anywhere and are more convenient to use. They can also run all of the software a desktop can run.

Advantages of desktop computer?

Desktops are generally cheaper than the equivalent spec Laptop. They are more easily upgradeable and you don't have to worry about battery life on a Desktop.

Why does a computer need a battery?

A desktop computer will use a battery to keep power to the CMOS, a computer chip that holds basic system information and system. A laptop will also use one of these CMOS batteries but uses a larger battery to power the entire system when mobile.

What is Pavilion desktop?

My HP pavillion(Name on my computer) desktop is the regular desktop on my computer

Difference between desktop and laptop?

One difference between a desktop and a laptop is that a laptop is portable while a desktop is stationary. Laptops are usually smaller and can run off of battery power while a desktop is bigger and has to be plugged in to work.

Difference between desktop computer and personal computer?

The difference between desktop computer and personal computer is that desktop computer is for everyone and personal computer is for your own self!

What is the computer term for destop?

the "computer term" for desktop is desktop

What is the size of the desktop computer?

the size of the desktop computer is (small).

What is the difference between a Desktop PC and a Tablet PC?

Tablet PC Desktop Mobile / Pro table Fixed Lighter Heavier Consume less power Consume more power Run on Battery Don't run on Battery Must have LCD screen LCD/CRT Monitor

When you boot your computer to desktop your documents pops up?

Go to msconfig in the run command and deselect it

What are the general features of a computer desktop?

what are the general features of computer desktop

What is a good desktop computer?

The best desktop computer to have is a silver sony

Advantages of computer power supply?

A power supply or battery for a computer is an advantage because it allows you to take your PC on the go with you. Unlike a desktop a laptop with a battery you can take with you as it has electricity stored up from last use.