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The Black Death was almost certainly caused by microbes of the species Yersinia pestis. This microbe was carried by oriental rat fleas that live on black rats, so all three species had to be around in large numbers. When rats died of the plague, the fleas looked for new hosts, and though they preferred other rats, they were often unable to find them and bit human beings or other animals, which then got sick and often died.
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What was the Black Death?

Answer The Black Death was very dangerous and contagious and destroyed 2/3's of Europe's population and it killed people in a strange manner. People who weren't affected went crazy in fear of catching it and the people who caught it usually died within 7 days. In those times doctors were not very a ( Full Answer )

How do you get the black death?

There were different forms of the Black Death, and they were spread in different ways, though they were caused by the same organism. The Bubonic Plague was a form carried by such animals as rats and the fleas that lived on them, both of which exhibited symptoms of the disease. When a flea bit an ( Full Answer )

Why is the Black Death called the Black Death?

Writers contemporary to the plague referred to the event as the "Great Mortality". Swedish and Danish chronicles of the 16th century described the events as "black" for the first time, not to describe the late-stage sign of the disease, in which the sufferer's skin would blacken due to subepidermal ( Full Answer )

What is a microbe?

A microbe is an organism that can be seen using a microscope. Theyinclude fungi, bacteria, viruses, archea and protists. All exceptfungi consist of a single cell, although microbe diversity is vast.Microbes are the causes of many diseases, such as the common cold,the black death and malaria.

Why did you have the Black Death?

Black death originated in china, in mongol army camps. Dueto bad hygiene conditions and bad sanitation.

What are microbes?

Microbes are microscopic organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye, only by using a microscope. Other names for microbes are microorganisms and, when related to infection or diseases, " germs " and " bugs ". The simplest definition of a microbe is a living thing, or ORGANISM, too tiny to ( Full Answer )

How can you get the black death?

You could get it through contact with people who were already infected, or by being bitten by infected fleas.

What were cures for the black plague or black death?

\n. \nThere are cures for the plague but back when it was thriving there was only old wives tales (like putting a toad/frog on the boils/buboes or like shaving a chicken and placing it's butt on the boil) they eventually started bricking up the windows and doors of those infected and it eventually ( Full Answer )

How do you get black death?

black death is a very disgusting subject to know about. So I say this is very disturbing.

Why was the Black Death called the Black Death?

Writers contemporary to the plague referred to the event as the "Great Mortality". Swedish and Danish chronicles of the 16th century described the events as "black" for the first time, not to describe the late-stage sign of the disease, in which the sufferer's skin would blacken due to subepidermal ( Full Answer )

Why did the black death?

The Black death started by dirty rats and fleas biting humans that was how the black death started the rats then went on to ships traviling all across the countries spreading the black death rappidly . By Iqra Saeed

What can microbes do?

There are both harmful and useful microbes. Harmful microbes like bacteria,virus and fungus can cause diseases while some useful microbes like bacteria can help in fermentation process like the yeast or as food like mushroom and many lacobacillus microbes that help in producing vitamins and in synth ( Full Answer )

Why is the black death called 'black death'?

One of the main symptoms was bleeding under the skin, this blood as it clotted turned black, resulting in corpses that were largely black. Thus BLACK death .

What do microbes do?

Some microbes can make us ill and give us a cold or upper respiratory viral infection (viruses like Rhinoviruses and coronaviruses), and some can kill us like meningitis and other serious bacterial infections. Some are good because they help break down foods in the digestive tract and our gastrointe ( Full Answer )

Why the black death?

Because that was the only disease that was believed to be in that one infected flea that caused all of that black death thing.

What was The most Gruesome death in The Black Death?

Since so many people died during the various outbreaks of this disease, the most gruesome death would be someone (probably quite a few!) who suffered extreme symptoms before they died. The more severe symptoms appeared after a day or two when swellings sometimes the size of tennis balls appears in t ( Full Answer )

How did you get the black death?

Black death is a bubonic plague disease that spread from victim to victim through fleas on rats, which lived throughout medieval towns and cities. The diseased person would quickly develop buboes which is swollen lymph glands and would get covered with dark blotches on the skin. The patient would ge ( Full Answer )

What is the black death about?

The Black Death was one of the worst natural disasters in history. In 1347 A.D., a great plague swept over Europe, ravaged cities causing widespread hysteria and death. One third of the population of Europe died. "The impact upon the future of England was greater than upon any other European country ( Full Answer )

What not to do when you have black death?

Certainly don't panic or freak out. Of course, it is quite impossible to get the Black Death in our days. People do say try to live your life while you still can, so don't think about death.

What did black death do?

The Black death gave people boils the size of goose eggs. people dies in a matter of 3-5 days. even in HOURS!

Who was the black death?

it come from rats but the fles Another Answer According to Wikipedia: "The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1348 and 1350. It is widely thought to have been an outbreak of bubonic plague caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis ,..." ( Full Answer )

What are microbes and what do they do?

This is a very large question: microbes are everywhere and have countless uses. Microbes are microscopic cells which have lots of different properties i.e: a nuclease; cell wall, etc. Microbes are used in medicine: for example penicillin is a type of fungus. Are body's contain countless types of mic ( Full Answer )

Why do you have microbes?

It is almost impossible not to have microbes living on and inside us. Almost from the moment we're born, bacteria enter our gut and live there for the rest of our lives. They assist us greatly with digesting a lot of our food, particularly plants, and the gas they produce is the reason why we have ( Full Answer )

Death count for black death?

its was around a third of people who died ^ That is Incorrect It Was Exactly Two Thirds Of The Population.

What is the death rate of the black death?

Modern Historians today believe that just over 40% of the population of Britain died during the first outbreak in 1348 - 1350. The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30% to 60% of Europe's population, reducing the world's population from an estimated 450 million to between 350 and 375 million i ( Full Answer )

What was the dance of death during the black death?

The dance of death was a theme in art that emerged during the Black Death in Europe. It dealt with the personification of Death, and frequently used skeletons, and other symbols and images of decay. Prior to the Black Death, most European art had focused on religious themes, depicting saints, Jesus, ( Full Answer )

Who had black death?

Rat's that had fleas and soon scattered to humans who would get sick from the fleas. The black death is a pleg of a sort and is almost like the pleg. In-fact the pleg was the same thing as the black death but that's just a fancy name for it.

What is an example of a microbe that causes cell death?

Viruses are a good example. They infect the body cells, make them produce replicates of themselves (new virus particles) and then the cells they have invaded are killed as the new virus particles burst open the cell to release the new particles to infect more cells. Until your body's immune system c ( Full Answer )

How many deaths were there caused by black death?

no one died The Black Death, caused by the bubonic plague, killed between 30%-60% of all the population of Europe at the time. It started in China and spread westward along the Silk Road. It is estimated to have killed over 100 million people by the time it ran its course.

Why was the history of black death called black death?

The Black Death struck Europe in 1348, however the term "Black Death" was not used until the 16th Century, when it was coined by Danish & Swedish chroniclers. "Black" is corresponded with 'terrible' and 'dreadful,' and since the plague was terrible and dreadful (Black) and killed lots of people (Dea ( Full Answer )

What has microbes in it?

EVERYTHING! Micro-organisms are almost everywhere you can imagine. Your skin has all kinds of microscopic fungi and bacteria all over it. Within the average person's digestive tract lives 1-2 kilograms of bacteria! We constantly breathe in fungal spores in the air, our kitchens and bathrooms ar ( Full Answer )

How can you get black death?

well the black death is spread by rats and in the Middle Ages they didnt know this and they thought it was a punnishment from god but it was acctually spread by rats which ran around the stores and markets hope this helps :) xxx

What can the black death do to you?

Kill you. That is why it is called "black death." The face turned a blue/black color, tongue swelled, and body fluids oozed from the body.

What is the black death and why is it called the black death?

The Black Death is a specific outbreak of the bubonic plague. Between 1347 and 1352, it killed nearly a third of Europe's population, with the death toll going to three quarters of the people in some areas. At the time, it was called the Great Pestilence. It came to be called the Black Death much la ( Full Answer )

What is a microbe and what can it do?

a microbe is a small part of bacteria that cant be seen by a human eye its so tiny you would have to use a micro-scope microbes can spread very quickly and easily that's why people say when you sneeze use a tissue or when you cough. microbes make people seriously ill and its worse when it is sprea ( Full Answer )

What is black death and what does black death mean?

Answer: The Black Death was very dangerous and contagious and destroyed 2/3's of Europe's population and it killed people in a strange manner. People who weren't affected went crazy in fear of catching it and the people who caught it usually died within 7 days. In those times doctors were not very ( Full Answer )

Is there a black shadow of death before a death?

My daughter recently passed away from illness. For about six months prior to her passing, she experienced a type of changing that I can only describe as a "black shadow of death". Typically she was a healthy teenage girl with no underlying illness or out of the ordinary issues. We did not know she ( Full Answer )

How did the black black death come?

The Black Death arrived in Europe around the 1320's. People traveled by sailing at the time, and those who traded or traveled caught the disease from infected rats that were aboard the ships. Originally the plague was known as the "Great Pestilence," it killed around 1/3 of Europe's population in tw ( Full Answer )

Why were the boils from the black death black?

The boils from the Black Death were not black per say, they were the usual blacky purple colour that you get from a heavy bruise (bleeding under the skin). They were hard, painful, burning lumps that usually appeared around the lympth nodes eg, neck, armpits, groin and thighs. Bubonic plague (Black ( Full Answer )

What not to do if you have the black death?

Many people Think different. My suggestion is to stay indoors, not any one, don't let anyone come close to you. These are very hard things to do. But Black death is extinct now, not to worry about.

How do you you get black death?

A flea would bite a rat that had a disease and the flea would carry it on to a person and you would get sores from it and other symptoms. bloodletting is when people stab a knife in you to take all of the disease out but that didn't help that just make you worst. Or you will get the disease from oth ( Full Answer )

Why was the blak death called the black death?

The Black Death was so called because of the large black, pus-filled buboes that were found on the sufferers body. These buboes were lymph glands that were engrossed with white blood cells in an attempt the fight off the infection.

What as the black death?

It's one of the most severe pandemics that we know of. It killed 80 to 200 million people.