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What does the black death have to do with microbes?


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The Black Death was almost certainly caused by microbes of the species Yersinia pestis. This microbe was carried by oriental rat fleas that live on black rats, so all three species had to be around in large numbers. When rats died of the plague, the fleas looked for new hosts, and though they preferred other rats, they were often unable to find them and bit human beings or other animals, which then got sick and often died.


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There is not a vaccination for the Black Death. The Black Death was a disease that occurred in the 1300s.

black death was spread by black rats. They were hosts of black death.

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No, Black Death and cholera are different. Black Death is Plague.

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black death caused people to be angry. Church was blamed for black death.

The plague was called the Black Death for two possible reasons. It was a bad death, and thus "black." The victims developed black buboes before death and quickly turned black after death.

Yersinia Pestis was the microbe responsible for Bubonic Plague.

The Black Death was very contagious.

The black death was epidemic.

the black death started in 1347

yes, black death was spread in whole Europe. Russia also got black death.

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The Black Death struck Europe in 1348, however the term "Black Death" was not used until the 16th Century, when it was coined by Danish & Swedish chroniclers. "Black" is corresponded with 'terrible' and 'dreadful,' and since the plague was terrible and dreadful (Black) and killed lots of people (Death), it came to be known as the Black Death.

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The Black Death was spread by fleas which lived on black rats.

The black death came from rat fleas.

People immune to the black death were not affected.

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Black Death was originated from China.

the black death was made by rats

the black death also called the bubonic plague was called black death for the black pustueles that formed all over your body

there were lot of people involved in the black death over 2/3 of the world was wiped out because of the black death.

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