What does the black death have to do with microbes?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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The Black Death was almost certainly caused by microbes of the species Yersinia pestis. This microbe was carried by oriental rat fleas that live on black rats, so all three species had to be around in large numbers. When rats died of the plague, the fleas looked for new hosts, and though they preferred other rats, they were often unable to find them and bit human beings or other animals, which then got sick and often died.

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Q: What does the black death have to do with microbes?
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What Was another name for bubonic plague?

Another name for the plague is the black death

What is the lowest temperature needed to kill all microbes in 10 minutes called?

Thermal Death Point

What had a high death toll the spanish flu or the black death?

the black death

What is a microbe a?

A microbe is an organism that can be seen using a microscope. They include fungi, bacteria, viruses, archea and protists. All except fungi consist of a single cell, although microbe diversity is vast. Microbes are the causes of many diseases, such as the common cold, the black death and malaria.

Who had the black death?

black death spread in Europe. black death killed 75 to 200 million people.

How are micro scopes used in every day life?

they are used to discover more microbes that can cuase sickness or death

When the black death happened?

the black death started in 1347

Did russia get the black death?

yes, black death was spread in whole Europe. Russia also got black death.

Is black death the same as malaria?

No, malaria is amosquito-bourne disease and the Plague was carried by rats. They are caused by different microbes too. Although both diseases were spread by insects (fleas for the Plague and mosquito for Malaria.

What sickness caused the death of almost one fourth of Europe's population in the 1300s?

The black death killed 1 3rd of Europe's populations in the 1300's.

What is the real common name for plague?

The common name for bubonic plague is the Black Death.

What jobs did peasants have before and after the black death?

Before Black Death they had normal labor related work. After Black Death they had to clean the cities.