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It means the keys are still in the ignition. This light usually illuminates after you've opened a door.

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2009-09-03 03:04:22
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Q: What does the car with key inside dashboard sign mean?
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Is the alarm module box inside the car dashboard or under the hood dashboard?

Inside of the vehicle under the dash on driver side

What does the symbol in the dashboard in a car mean?

door locks

What does an exclamation mark inside a triangle mean?

An exclamation mark inside a triangle is a warning sign. This can be a warning sign on many devices including a car, a computer, or a cell phone.

What does srs mean on a car dashboard?

safety restraint system

What does car with spanner in on vauxhall zafira dashboard mean?

Car and spanner on in vauxhall zafire

What does the Dashboard warning light shaped like a car with a lock mean?

Your car is locked

Where is a ball bearing on a car?

In the compass held inside a plastic ball filled with liquid on the dashboard:)

What causes a clicking sound near the dashboard inside your car and your ignition to be intermittent?

A bad starter

What does it mean on an opel corsa when a dashboard light shows a car with a spanner in it?

the car is due for service

What does the lightning symbol on a car dashboard mean?

The ignition is on (should go off when the car is started)

Where is a dashboard located in a car?

A dashboard is located at the front of the car, inside and close to the driver and front passenger with most if not all its components designed to be most accessible to the driver. So although the dashboard usually extends the full width of the car, most of its controls surround the driving position.

What does 'dashboard' mean as in dashboard in a car?

It's that part in front of the driver with the lights and gauges, radio, glove compartment, etc.

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