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Q: What does the card say about regent street in monopoly?
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What is number 1 selling board game in 2010?

Most people would say card monopoly (electronic)

What is the best way to replace a lost the westlands district card for monopoly city?

It is just the same as the card for Bayview Dock so I just photocopied that and changed it to say Westlands.

How can you get out of playing monopoly?

Just say no.

What is better chess or monopoly?

well chess is very complicated but monopoly can go on for days so I would say chess if your having guest, but if its someone you live with I would say monopoly.

What do the Monopoly property cards say?

A Monopoly property card lists the mortgage value for the property (one half of the board purchase price). The card also provides the price for houses added, and what the rent is for opponents, either with no development, with one to four houses, or with a hotel. It also states the double rent rule, which only applies to undeveloped properties that are part of a monopoly -- the base rent is doubled, but not once a property has any houses or hotels.

How do Australians say street?

Australians speak English so we just say.... street

How do you say street address in Russian?

"Strit Adres" is how you say "Street Address" in Russian.

What children games include electricity?

well to what i know is that monopoly game with the electric calculator thing does include electricity so then yeah i shall say monopoly

Who was King Tutankhamuns regent?

Hatshepsut (haht shep soot) (say carefully, it can be a bad word if said wrong)

Do you say I live at Tara Street or I live in Tara Street?

The answer to this question depends on where you live, although you would never normally say " I live at Tara Street" at all. If you live in the UK you would say "I live in Tara Street" and if you live in the US you would say "I live on Tara Street".

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street in spanish = calle

How do you say something on a street on moshi monsters?

You can't say anything on the street. It's basically up to your monster to say something.

How do you download Star Wars monopoly?

I am sorry to say that I do not think you can. Sad isn't it?

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Walked down the street. On is implied. in the street infers you are in the middle of it where you don't belong.

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"street" in Spanish is "la calle".

Why is the game Monopoly called Monopoly?

a monopoly is owning everything. for example for laptops, there are many brands, but lets say Dell bought all of the other companies so Dell is the only laptop manufacturer. Then if you wanted a laptop then you would have to buy it from them. That is considered a monopoly, maybe not the best example but it should give you the idea. The point of monopoly is to get all of the properties, so no matter what, if someone lands on it, they have to pay.monopoly- A company or group having exclusive control over a commercial activity.(

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no sweety you have to say i live at 3, mulberry street. ----

How do you say 'monopoly' in Bulgarian?

I the answer what it means. If you mean Jake had a monopoly on all business in the village." What does this statement mean?

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What age range can play monopoly?

Anyone old enough to understand the concept of strategy and basic arithmetic can play monopoly. I would say about 7 years and up, maybe younger.

What do you say in a Hanukkah card?

The same kinds of things you'd say in any holiday greeting card.

How do you say card in Greek?

The Greek word for "Card" is "κάρτα".