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Q: What does the cid stand for on gold jewelry?
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What does cid on a 10k gold ring mean?

The stamp CID on a piece of jewelry indicates that it was made by Clyde Duneier, Inc., a jewelry maker based in New York.

What does 930 stand for on gold jewelry?

what does 930 stand for

What does ch stand for on gold jewelry?


What makes Black Hills gold jewelry stand out from other gold jewelry?

Black Hills gold jewelry is made from gold found in the midwest and is made in the US. Many pieces are unique in that there are several varieties of colors in the gold.

What does 750 marking stand for on jewelry?

It signifies 18 karat gold or .75 pure gold

What does gb stand for in gold jewelry?

Means gold bonded. egs. 24kGB means 24k gold bonded.

What does FJG stand for on gold jewelry?

Frank J. Golden Jewlery Company

What is 14 KIN mark on jewelry?

gold ring stamp with 14KIN, what does that stand for?

What does cid 10k on a ring mean?

The stamp CID on a piece of jewelry indicates that it was made by Clyde Duneier, Inc., a jewelry maker based in New York.

What does 333 stand for on jewelry?

333 gold is the equivalent of 9kt. gold stamped mostly inside rings from Europe.

What do the letters CID stand for?

Criminal Investigation Department

What is gsj on jewelry stand for?

G.S.J.® is a registered trademark used for 14k Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry and owned by Gold Stone Jewelry Corporation. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

Is monet jewelry real gold?

fake gold, nope it's custom jewelry

What does CH 18K on jewelry mean?

This means that the jewelry is gold plated with 18 karat gold. You can get different kinds of gold in your jewelry.

How do you learn about gold jewelry online?

For learning about gold jewelry online there are several things you can do. You can look up how gold jewelry originated, how it has advanced, and what gold jewelry is being sold now by its carats.

How expensive is gold jewelry?

Gold Jewelry prices depends on what kind of jewelry you are looking for and what kind of gold. White gold are pricier than yellow. Price of gold also varies with the quality if the gold, like how many karats are in a jewelry.

What element is gold jewelry made of?

This answer is fairly simple. The element of which you gold gold.

What does 375 stand for stamped on jewelry?

Jewelry hallmarks can be tricky to figure out. It's not always as simple as 14k for 14 karat gold. The hallmarks that are usually less familiar to most people belong to jewelry that is originally from Europe. The 375 stamp is just one example - it stands for 9 karat gold on jewelry that comes from England. To learn more about gold, see Zoara's Gold Learning Center.

Does gold plated jewelry have markings?

What is the symbol mark on gold plated jewelry

What Makers Mark does JP stand for on gold jewelry?

I believe it is the logo for Pacific jewelry manufacturing co, who produced fine quality jewelry in the 1960s. They were based in california, and closed in the 70s.

What is jewelry that is toned?

The jewelry that have gold tone or silver tone means that these jewelry have been plated a thin layer of gold or silver so that these jewelry have the color of silver or gold.

What does CID stand for in reference to motors?

Cubic inches of displacement.

What does the initials Cid stand for in engines?

cubic inch displacement

Is gold jewelry an alloy?

Yes. The gold in jewelry is alloyed as pure gold is too soft for such use.

What does GH stand for on jewelry?

GH is a jewelry manufacturer