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The F-9 error code indicates a defective control board, inverter or line voltage too high.

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Q: What does the code F-9 mean on a Kenmore Elite Microwave oven?
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What does the code -SE- on Kenmore Microwave 40180084700 mean?

error code on 401 80082700

What does the code Er-FF mean on the control pad of the Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refrigerator?

Evap fan motor not running or controller board is bad.

What does a 'ad' code mean on Kenmore front load dryer?

Auto Dry

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What does the AD error code mean on a Kenmore dryer?

AD is for auto dry. It isn't an error code. It is just set on an auto dry mode. (normal, delicate, sport)

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What does it mean when the letters or word sab appear on my Kenmore Elite Oven?

The letters SAB which show up on your Kenmore Elite Oven signify that the oven is in Sabbath mode. This mode was created on ovens to allow Shabbat observing Jewish people from breaking the rule about using these appliances on Shabbat. The oven will stay on without shutting off in order to keep food warm without having to turn the appliance on, which would break the rule about cooking food from its raw state on the Sabbath.

What does the microwave timer told me it was time to turn my tv dinner mean?

what does the microwave timer told me it was time to turn my TV dinner mean

Who makes Kenmore Elite model 72053?

One Answer: If you look at the control panel on the door you can see that it's very similar to Whirlpool Gold control panels. I also asked chat person and he confirmed that it is Whirlpool. Whirlpool also makes: Kitchenaid, Jennair, Maytag, as well as Whirlpool. Second CORRECT Answer: As usual, someone just offers an answer and really doesn't do ANY research. Then accepts an answer from a salesperson as gospel! Wow, I'd like to be selling this person some land in Florida... Ok, here's the researched answer. The Kenmore Elite model #72053 is 31 cu. ft. in size. The biggest Whirlpool Gold French Door refrigerator is 26 cu. ft. (from their website). So who makes this particular model? LG does, go to their website AND compare the model #LFX31925ST to the Kenmore Elite #72053. This does not mean Whirlpool doesn't make Kenmore refrigerators, just NOT this model.

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What does it mean when my G E spacemaker microwave is showing a F 3 error code?

F3 means the keypad and/or keypad circuit board are malfunctioning and may need to be replaced.

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Where to buy a Kenmore vacuum cleaner in the UK?

Do you mean which store. Sorry we don't allow advertising.

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