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LG is the second largest South Korean electronics company specializing in consumer electronics.

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Can you buy the LG Fathom without a data plan?

No. The data plan is required with the Fathom.
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Who sings that song in the new lg commercial with the play?

It's Bridges and Balloons by Joanna Newsom.
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What types of products does the company lg make?

LG makes several different types of products including televisions, cellular phones, and home appliances which include refirgerators, dishwashers, and washers and dryers. ...
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What is LG SimpLink?

LG SimLink is a brand specific type of HDMI Cec which allows you to control multiple HDMI components through a single television remote. ...
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How do you put music on lg gossip?

put in the sd card and copy music onto that
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What does LG mean in NFL standings?

Longest Gain It's the longest reception caught in the game.
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What does LG stand for in LG Electronics?

The LG Group ("Lucky Goldstar", Korean: LG 그룹) is South Korea's third largest conglomerate that produces electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products and operates subsidiaries like LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Telecom and LG Chem in over 80 countries. So Short Answer "Lucky Goldstar" However in recent advertising they have been leading people to belive the LG stands for "Life's Good". But this is just marketing hype and what it really means is still Lucky Goldstar". ...
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Does lg town gt350 have wi fi?

No it doesnt have wi-fi.
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What kind of battery does the LG Rumor use?

The original LG Rumor uses a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery. Talk time: 270 minutes Standby time: 240 hours ...
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How do you make recordings on an LG chocolate cell phone your ringtone?

Go to the sounds section of your phone. then choose the sound you want as your ringtone. go to options and pick send to. and send it to your number. when you receive the sound, go to options again but for the message and choose set as ringtone Regarding this answer: This doesn't work for me -- when I go to sounds -> call ringtone, the only option I have is Get New Ringtones. When I select it, I get 3 options:...
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How do you Remove the drawers from Lg Washer pedestal?

When you slide the drawer all the way out there are two black screws on each side of the drawer. The screws fasten the drawer slider to the outside face of the drawer. If you remove all four black screws you can lift the draw up and away from the sliders. ...
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What is the password to deactivate call barring?

Not all service providers, 'phones or applications have the same code. You need to contact one of these for the code ...
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How do you check message balance in idea prepaid?

To check message balance in idea prepaid you will need to call the customer care. ...
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How do you format LG mobile?

Type 2945*#01# on the main screen of the mobile, and then Select the Appropriate option to go with. Mohammad ...
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How do LG stats compare to other stats in NFL football?

The LG (Left Guard) doesn't get the ball much. Their stats are limited to sacks allowed and recently "pancakes". A pancake is not officially recognized by the NFL, but many teams keep them. The pancake is when the offensive player knocks the defender down during a block. ...
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Does lg ku990i have wifi?

KU990i doesn't have Wi-Fi but theoretically it is possible to make it have as well as you can have it on your graphical calculator. First you must have a cable to connect your KU990i to USB Wi-Fi adapter. Then you just write drivers for it. The main problem is, which language you should use. Best way is to make customized version of firmware and integrate the driver into the code. I don't know how is it possible, but here is a...
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Is the LG KS365 touchscreen?

yes, yes it is only on specific bits
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Does the lg xenon have mobile TV?

CV - news, sports, weather, entertainment and more that's what it has!!
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Which is best lg pop or lg viewty snap?

The snap. it is an alround better phone. the camera is better and so are the touchscreen, apps, messaging system. basically everything. ...
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Can you change the theme for the lg rumor 2?

No.. It changes on it's on with the seasons. Fall you get a brown thanksgiving looking theme, Christmas you get snow etc. ...