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The color blue is usually associated with calmness and serenity. It can also mean pornographic, as in a "blue film," or sadness, as in "Good Time Charlie's got the blues."

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Q: What does the color blue mean?
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What does blue mean in Mexico?

It would mean a color or a feeling:Blue (color): azulBlue (feeling): triste, deprimido

What does the word blue mean?

Blue is a color!

What does the word 'blue' mean?

Blue is a color.

What color does blue mean?


Is blue an adjective or adverb?

Blue, when used with a noun to indicate color, is an adjective (e.g. blue skies).Used to mean simply the color, it is a noun. The verb to blue means to dye or color blue.

What does the color sapphire mean?

Light blue

What does azul mean in English?

blue (color)

What does cool color mean?

A blue colour

What does the blue on the US flag mean?

"the blue is the color of the chief. it signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice." blue means the color the sky is.uuum blue maybe??

What does blue mean?

Blue is a color of course and being 'Blue' means you are very sad and slightly is a color like the color of the sky. and there is another definition that means you sad, down blue hope this helps!

What is does the color blue mean?

It doesn't really mean anything it's just a color......But it reminds me of the ocean.

What is a euphemism for the word blue?

Please clarify your question: do you mean the color, blue or the mood, blue?

What does black and blue mean?

It means you are bruised - bruises are black and blue in color.

What does the color baby blue mean?

light blue like baby clothing....

What does the color blue mean on the Olympic rings?

because their favourite colour is blue

What is the color Celeste mean in spanish?

Celeste is "pale blue" or "sky blue".

What does the color teal mean in the bible?

Mother Mary's color, as well as blue.

What color is Facebook?

The color scheme of the site is predominantly blue. If that's not what you were trying to ask, I have no idea what you mean.

What does it mean when your favorite color is blue?

that youre cool

What does a blue color mean?

it means you need to get off

What does the blue bandana mean?

It symbolizes the Crips color

What does the color blue mean in the Olympic rings?


What does the idiom blue blood literally mean?

"Blue blood" LITERALLY means blood that is blue in color.

Describe the color blue with 4 adjectives?

Do you mean like this? Pale blue sea blue dark blue steel blue

What does the color blue mean in Call of Duty Black Ops?

if you have the alternate color setting on, every person is blue. if you don't, the blue player indicators are for friendlies