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blue for vigilance, perseverance, justice and freedom

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What is the color of the stars on the American flag?

The colors on our American flag is blue

Why is blue the most popular color?

it is on the American flag

What color in the American flag?

red, white and blue

What color of the American flag has the smallest portion?


What was the color of the union flag?

The color of the Union flag was red, white, and blue. It looks similar to the modern American flag.

What color of Blue is used on the American flag?

"Old Glory Blue"

What does the color blue represent on the American flag?

It means liberty

American flag color order?


What does the color red on the flag signify?

red people

What do the stripes on American the flag signify?

The stripes on the American flag stand for the 13 original colonies.

What color represents power?

red white and blue from the American flag.

What color stripe is directly under the blue on an American flag?


A flag of which color is used to signify infectious disease?


What does the color red signify on the Haitian flag?

blood shed

What are the outcomes of choosing a color of the American flag?

if you are an American i would think red white and blue.

What does the color blue stand for on the American flag?

It stands for vigalance, justice, and perserverance:)

What do the colors symbolize in the Betsy ross flag?

White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice." They also signify the British flag of which the original colonies came from. Red, White, and blue. NOTE: British flag came before the American flag, then came the French Tri Colour modeled after the American flag symbolizing democracy.

What color is the American flag?

red, white & blueRed,blue and whitecolors of American flag are blue ,white and red.

What Does The Star's On The American Flag Signify?

the 50 states in America

What does the blue on your American flag mean?

The color of the Chief signifies vigilance, presence and justice.

What does the blue mean in the American flag?

Blue is the color of the chief. It signifies perseverance ,vigilance and last but not least justice.

What do the three colors on the american flag mean?

The color red on the US Flag stands for valor, hardiness. The color blue on the flag stands for justice and even a reference to God. The color white stands for purity.

What does the color blue mean on the Finland flag?

The cross on the flag is sea-blue because that is the color of the sky and the lakes. One name for the flag in the Finnish language is the "Blue Cross Flag."

What is the background color of the flag?

There is no backround color to the American Flag.

What does the white stand on the us flag?

Purity.Although meanings to the colors in the American flag were not specifically designated, they were the same as for the Seal of the United States. The seal was authorized by the Continental Congress in 1776, however, the authorized committee did not make it a reality until 1782. Because the seal was established before the American flag, it is believed that the colors in the Seal and their meanings transferred to the flag.RedThe color red in the American seal and transferred to the American flag stands for valor and hardiness. WhiteThe color white in the American seal and transferred to the American flag stands for purity BlueThe color blue in the American seal and transferred to the American flag is the color of the Chief and stands for perseverance, justice and vigilance