What does the computer term DOS mean?

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D: Disk
O: Operating
S: System

D.O.S: Disk Operating System
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What does 'enter' mean in computing terms?

Answer . \nA key that moves the cursor (or insertion point) to the beginning of the next line, or returns control to whatever program is currently running. After a program requests information from you (by displaying a prompt), it will usually not respond to your input until you have pressed the ( Full Answer )

What does the computer term ''MFC71u'' mean?

Answer . MFC71u is a Microsoft .dll (dynamic link library) file. It contains data that other programs need to run on Windows. If you are having a problem with this file, you should post the entire error message along with any specific information that would be helpful in tracking down the prob ( Full Answer )

In computer terms what does minidump mean?

Answer . A minidump file does not contain as much information as a full crash dump file, but it contains enough information to perform basic debugging operations.\n. \nApplications can create minidump files very quickly and efficiently. Because minidump files are small, they can be easily sent ( Full Answer )

What does MB mean in computer terms?

MB stands for Mega Bytes . It is a unit of memory. 1 MB = 1024 kB (kB stands for kilo bytes) Note: Do not confuse MB with Mb. Mb stands for Mega Bits .

What does orphan mean in computer term?

orphans and widows are terms used to describe paragraph spacing in word-processing.. If a paragraph runs onto two pages the lines on the bottom of the first page are referred to as orphans and the lines on the top of page two are referred to as widows.

What does the computer term Twitter mean?

its a social site that you update quick little blurbs about what you are doing. and you can subscribe to twitters of other people and be told right when they update

What does the computer term 'motherboard' mean?

The term motherboard refers to the main circuit board inside a computer. It holds the CPU, memory, provides expansion slot and connects to every part of the computer, directly or indirectly.

What does the computer term 'plugin' mean?

A plug-in is a piece of software that interacts with another piece of software. For example, I have Firefox as my internet browser. I have a plug-in that makes Firefox give me information on the web page I am visiting. The plug-in only works with Firefox. Any given plug-in is directly associated wit ( Full Answer )

What does cut mean in computing terms?

To 'cut' a piece of text means to select it and remove it from a document or file, usually with the intention of 'pasting' (inserting) it elsewhere.

What does mhz mean in computer terms?

Hz is the standard SI abbreviation for Hertz, which is a measure of how many times something repeats each second So if you pedal a bike slowly the wheel would turn once a second, this could be expressed a 1 Hertz The mains voltage which come from the wall arrives at 50Hz in some countries and ( Full Answer )

What does the computer term handshake mean?

In simple terms, it is the establishment of communication between computers. People can establish communication through a handshake, so the term is based on that. For computers to communicate they first must establish a connection with each other. It is like when you make a phone call and the oth ( Full Answer )

What does KB mean in computer terms?

Depending on the context, it has several possible meanings. It's capitalization is supposed to differentiate between the meanings, but many abbreviations in the computer world are misused. kb (all lower-case) officially stands for kilobit - 10 3 or 1000 bits. It should be, but usually isn't, ( Full Answer )

What does characters mean in computer terms?

Each letter or number is a "character". The word character has 9 characters. Special characters are the symbols on the number keys: !@#$%^&*()_+. Also, there are others: click and hold "alt" plus any combination of the number pad keys. i.e.: ☺ is "alt+1" ♥ is "alt+2+5+6+3"

What does copy mean in computer terms?

Copy initiates a store string command and a write command once you hit "Paste" Basically, Copy creates an identical duplicate of whatever you copied, be it a few words, or an entire hard drive.

What does the computer term RMA mean?

Random Memory Access Return Merchandise Authorization (Permission by phone or message to send back equipment which may be defective or incompatible, and get a refund or credit.)

What does ftw mean in computer terms?

FTW is an acronym that stands for "For the Win." It used to mean, "F*ck the world," but that meaning is becoming less and less popular.

What does mov mean in computer terms?

.MOV is a special video format for the Apple Quick Time player. This is available for Macintosh as well as Windows operated computers.

What does the computer term WAV mean?

WAVE or WAV is short for Waveform Audio File Format. It is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs.

What is the meaning of UNIX in terms of computer?

Unix used to be known as "Unics" which stood for "UNiplexed Information and Computing System" Now, Unix covers a vast amount of operating systems such as, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solairis. The real question is, how can something that is "Uni" or "Uniplexed" represent multiple platforms? Unix doesn ( Full Answer )

What does browser mean on computer terms?

Internet Browser = Program that allows your computer to View the Internet. File Browser = Browser that shows/views the files on your Disks/Hard Drive.

What does 'crash' mean in terms of computers?

A crash is when something momentarily causes your computer to fail as a whole. One kind commonly known as the BSOD or blue screen of death happens when your operating system has a fatal error of some kind, causing it to shut down, and restart your computer. Some people would classify a freeze, when ( Full Answer )

What does exe mean in computer terms?

A .exe file is an executable file, which means that it willstart all by itself. For example, when you insert a CD-ROM orDVD-ROM into the drive on your computer, the drive spins, and thecomputer looks for a file called "setup.exe". When it finds it, itstarts the program automatically and installs the ( Full Answer )

What is mean by Application in Computer terms?

An application is any sort of program that has a clear function. Though most will not define something with limited to no GUI (Graphical User Interface) as an application.

What does modelling mean in computer terms?

Modeling means representation, generally in miniature, to show theconstruction or appearance of something. devinthedev Productions Site: devinthedev.wall.fm Phone: 386-227-6192

What does Mac mean in computer terms?

Mac is a computer, rivaling the PC, made by apple, the maker of the iPod, or the iPhone. Sidenote, I have used both, and think the Mac is a bit better for some things, not for others.

What does HTML mean on the computer terms?

HyperText Markup Language. It's a derivative of GML, Generalized Markup Language, which was used for producing complicated documents on a computer in the days before WYSIWYG editors were common.

What does microphone mean in computer terms?

it means that you have a really little phone in your computer so you can call people by poking your screen with a stick 5 times the putting it int he washer.

What does BCD mean in computing terms?

In computing terms, BCD means binary-coded decimal. It is a class of a binary encodings of decimal numbers. Each decimal number is resresented by a fixed number of bits.

What is the meaning of the term computational linguistics?

Computational linguistics refers to the studying and analysis of human speech so that the computer can transform it into a format it recognizes. This branch of computer science is also known as voice recognition.

What does presentation mean in terms of computers?

A presentation is a document, which is presented by slides insteadof report format. It makes it easier to show the audience what youare trying to sell/promote. Microsoft PowerPoint is a well knownsoftware program for this.

What does the term load mean on a computer?

I don't want to be mean, but it's pretty easy to understand what that means. It means that it is retrieving the data from the internet, or it could mean it is connecting to that website.

What does bug mean in computer terms?

This refers to a glitch, or some unwwanted action within a program.This can result in the program freezing or crashing, which is themost likely. However, other results could include a wide varieteyof unwanted actions, from a setting being changed or menu openedwithout request, to exesive RAM use (wh ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of DOS mean on the computer?

DOS is short for Disk Operating System, is the early operatingsystem (developed by IBM) for personal computers. It is atext-based system, so you must type commands for every operationyou wish to complete. There was no mouse, and nothing to click. . Variations of this system can still be found in va ( Full Answer )

What is USB mean in computer terms?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a port which hasbecome very popular in recent years. It is generally used forconnecting computer peripherals (like keyboard, webcam, andjoystick) and external memory, such as a flashdrive. This port isrectangular in shape, and usually found on the front and ( Full Answer )

What does audio out mean in computer terms?

Audio out is a shortened form of "Audio Output". In computer terms,it is where sound in your computer is sent out of your computer.For example, the headphone jack on your laptop or computer is anaudio output. It lets your computer "output" sound into an externaldevice like a speaker or your headphon ( Full Answer )

What is DOS computer terms?

Basically its an acronym for Disk Operating System. The term DOScan refer to any operating system, but it is most often used as ashorthand for MS-DOS (Microsoft disk operating system). Originallydeveloped by Microsoft for IBM, MS-DOS was the standard operatingsystem for IBM-compatible personal compu ( Full Answer )

What the term 'record' means computing?

A record - in computing terms is.. a collection of data relating toa single person or item. For example... a Chess club might have acomputerised list of all their members - so they can keep everyoneinformed of future events. The data relating to each individualperson would exist in the database as a ( Full Answer )