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What does the computer term DOS mean?

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D: Disk

O: Operating

S: System

D.O.S: Disk Operating System

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What does DOS prompt mean?

What does the term mean prompt in dos

What does the term computer control mean?

The term computer control means controlled by a computer.

What dos variable mean?

It is a mathematical term which could have different values.

What dose the computer term PC mean?

The computer term "pc" stands for "personal computer".

What does the computer term PC mean?

Personal Computer

What has the author Craig Menefee written?

Craig Menefee has written: 'Harnessing DOS 6.0' -- subject(s): MS-DOS (Computer file), PC-DOS (Computer file) 'Byte's DOS programmer's cookbook' -- subject(s): MS-DOS (Computer file), Microcomputers, PC-DOS (Computer file), Programming

Which of following is not computer hardware keyboard DOS Screen Modem?


Computer terms GB MB MHz KB bytes smallest to the largest?

the term GB what does it mean the term MB what does it mean the term MHz what does it mean the term KB what does it mean the term bytes what does it mean ? i see the terms on my computer and i would like the defnition of each one.

What is another term for the DOS CLI?

DOS Prompt

What does term naming mean in computers?

DOS stands for Disk Operating System. It refers to several related operating systems in the late 1900s. Examples include M-DOS, PC-DOS, and MS-DOS. See

How do you turn of DOS on apple computer?

DOS is not part of an Apple computer, it is part of all Windows PCs.

What does the term PC mean?

personal computer

Can dos accessed in computer through disc?

in earlier days can we access DOS only through the disc in our computer

What does the computer term export mean?

it means to publish

What does the computer term memory mean?

Where data can be stored.

What does the computer term body mean?

the content in a message

What does jpg mean in computer term?

A image format.

What is DOS or PC DOS?

DOS and PC DOS are different. When we say DOS, it means Microsoft DOS or MS DOS whereas PC DOS is the different operating system (older than MS-DOS) developed by IBM. The term "DOS" is the acronym for Disk Operating System. This is the main control software that makes the computer start up and commence other loading functions. As stated PCDOS is in fact the same, an operation system and can refer to may of the older languages used when comouters were first developed such as Amiga DOS, Fast DOS etc.

What does the term kayaking mean in computer terms?

Can't say I've heard it... Are you sure it's a computer term? Are you spelling it correctly?

What does the computer term IP mean?

It can mean "Internet Protocol" or "intellectual property".

What does dos lagos mean?

Dos Lagos

Full form of DOS?

DOS (computer software) stands for "disc operating system ".

What is the full meaning of PC-DOS?

personal computer disk operating system

What has the author Paul S Klose written?

Paul S. Klose has written: 'Releasing the power of DOS' -- subject(s): MS-DOS (Computer file), PC DOS (Computer file)

What does dos por dos mean?

Dos por Dos means Two times two 2x2

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