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It's partially liquid iron, thereby the magnetic field. Iron

2009-09-08 08:18:11
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Q: What does the core of the planet Mercury consist of?
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What does mercury consist of?

The planet Mercury is comprised of different rocks and metals, including iron. It also has a core, which is thought to be made of iron.

What is the Core Composition of planet Mercury?

iron :)

What is the planet Mercury made from?

The planet Mercury is mainly made from a rocky surface and metallic core. This accounts for about 75% of the planet.

What is the core of the planet Mercury made of?

iron rich Very big core to

What does the interior of the planet mercury look like?

Based on observing Mercury and comparing Mercury with Earth, it is inferred that Mercury has a large core that is rich in iron. Planetary geologists estimate that the core of Mercury is about 42% of the planet's total volume. Data from research performed by these geologists strongly suggests that the planet has a molten core. Mercury's core has a higher iron content than the core of any other major planet in the solar system.

Which planet is slightly smaller than the Earth's core?

Mercury is slightly smaller then the Earths Core. Mercury is believed to have been struck by a planet sized object billions of years ago which blew away everything but the core of the planet.(If Pluto was still a planet, Pluto would also be smaller than the Earth's core, but it was demoted to the status of a dwarf planet.)

Is mercury the planet a liquid or a solid?

Solid, iron core

What planet has a core of iron bigger than the moon?


Why is planet Mercury so small?

planet mercury is so small because while our solar system was forming, there were 100s of planets. This eventually turned into a demolition derby of some sort. During all of this, a large planet crashed into Mercury, blasting off most of the planet, leaving only its core. So the Mercury we see today is actually the core of Mercury.

Info about Mercury?

mercury is the nearest planet to the sun. named after a god. has no atmosphere. has a rocky core.

What is the core temperature of Mercury?

The core of Mercury makes up 42% of the planet itself. Temperatures can range from 100 Kelvin to 700 Kelvin.

Which terrestrial planet has the largest core relative to its overall size?


Is mercury a inner or outer core planet?

there are four innercore plantes

What planets core is small hard and rocky?

no planet expect Mercury

How hot is Mercury's core?

The core of the planet Mercury is thought to be something on the order of 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. Investigation into the internal structure of Mercury is continuing.

Which outer planet is closest to the sun?

The closest outer planet to the sun is jupiter The closest inner planet to the sun is mercury But mercury isnt the hottest planet because venus has the hottest core

What are the most important things about the planet mercury?

A few of the most important things about Mercury are, it is the closet planet to the sun, the surface is almost the same as the moon, and Mercury has an iron core.

Why is Mercury a terrestrial planet?

Because Mercury is one of the inner planets with a rocky crust and an Iron Core.

How many cores does Mercury have?

A core is the center of an object, be it an apple or a planet. Since a planet can only have one center, logically, it has only one core.

What minerals are in Mercury?

Mercury is an element. The ore of mercury is called cinnabar mercury sulfide (HgS). Mercury is also a planet - we do not know exactly what minerals make up the planet but we do know that it has a large Iron rich core.

Why does the Earth's core consist of iron and nickel?

Iron is a heavy element and would sink into the planet

What are facts about Mercury's core?

It's cool large iron core takes up about 75% of the planet Mercury.

What planet has a core of a nickel and iron and crust 600 km thick?


How is the planet Mercury like Earth?

They both have an iron core, and they have the same density.

Which planet has the largest core by the diameter of the plant?

I believe it is Mercury. Mercurys core is 75 percent of its planet. Its core is made of Iron. You might want to do more research though I am not Exactly sure.