What does the ctrl key do in PowerPoint?

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On its own nothing. However when used with another key it usually invokes a function.
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What is ctrl key?

The ctrl key is an abbreviation for the control key. it simply allows you to preform a ton of different operations that are recognized by windows as well as the applications. is allows for more flexibility as well examples: ctrl+c --> copy whatever is selected to the clipboard ctrl+x --> copy ( Full Answer )

How do you do a PowerPoint?

Here are things you can do and how: . Type - Click the text box and type . New Slide - CLick the button and add there . Picture - Click "insert" from file or clipart . Sound - click "insert" sound . Video - click "insert" movie . Slide Transition - click "deign" slide transition . Motion - cl ( Full Answer )

What command of key Ctrl 2?

If you are in an Internet Browser that supports Tabbed Browsing, hitting the Ctrl + 2 command will navigate you to the second tab in your window.

What does ctrl do?

ctrl+s saves your open file ctrl+a selects all ctrl+f searches a page crrl+t opens a new tab

Where can you get PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint can be found when you purchase the Microsoft Office suite. A free alternative, OpenOffice Impress, is part of the OpenOffice suite.

What is the powerpoint?

A PowerPoint is where you make a bunch of slides. You can press F5 and to enter full-screen mode, and press the right arrow button to change slides. It is a great tool used for so many things i.e presenting a project at school, showing your employees your plans and etc.

What PowerPoint can do?

PowerPoint is a program that helps you create impressive presentations. A Presentation is composed of bunch of slides that are shown one after the other. The presentation can be shown in any computer with PowerPoint installed in it.

What can you do on powerpoints?

Powerpoint offers lots of things to create and show, such as: . You can create presentations to display to an audience, e.g if you are a teacher you might use PowerPoint to display the key information or pictures to explain this further. . you could also create a revision guide using a navigatio ( Full Answer )

Create a macro and assign Ctrl plus l key to run this macro method?

You can record a macro and before starting the recording you can use i key as assigned key to run the macro. Also, if you have an existing macro to which you want to assign i key then Press Alt + F8 which will show you the list of existing macro. Click on Edit and type the i in the assign key box. R ( Full Answer )

What can PowerPoint do?

PowerPoint is presentation software. It allows you to communicate your ideas and concepts easier, using a slide show. Some people use it in conjunction with lectures, to visually illustrate the concepts they're discussing, but it can run on its own too. PowerPoint basically is a slideshow maker. Yo ( Full Answer )

What can you do on PowerPoint?

- you can create a theme - you can add audio and video in your presentation - Use Graphics to emphasis points - Use animations and transitions this is just a few things you can do. .microsoft.com/atwork/skills/presentations.aspx

What to do a PowerPoint about?

Well, what do you like and know allot about. Food? Animals? Colors? Science? Plants? Fabric? Well, basically you can make a PowerPoint about anything you want. One of PowerPoint's strengths is its flexibility. Using themes, templates, and other presentation building blocks, you can quickly create ( Full Answer )

What is the key on a Toshiba laptop between Alt and Ctrl?

There are a few common keys between Alt and Ctrl on various Toshiba laptops. Most often this will be the Windows key, which is the same as hitting "Ctrl + Escape". Others include the "Fn" function key which allows alternative keyboard button usage such as brightness and volume settings; and a button ( Full Answer )

What does the ctrl alt del key do?

The function of ctrl-alt-delete may vary between operating systems. In windows, it is typically used to access the task manager to monitor or shutdown various processes or to shutdown the computer itself.

How do you change Hot-key of a Program from Ctrl plus 1 to Numpad1?

FROM THE SUBMITTER I have this .EXE file. A small Program. A Game Trainer to be precise. It has this small bug but I think I can work around it if I can just change its hot-keys from Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2....Ctrl+8 to Numpad1,Numpad2....Numpad8. I have some basic Programing knowledge (C,C++). Is there a ( Full Answer )

What is a Ctrl key short cut used for?

To perform some task quickly. The Ctrl key by itself does nothing, but when you press the Ctrl key plus another key you can perform some useful task. The task depends on the key you press. For example, Ctrl+C will copy highlighted text into the Windows clipboard and Ctrl+V will paste that copied tes ( Full Answer )

Click the Ctrl plus C keys to selected cells?

Pressing Ctrl and C together will copy the content of the selected cells. This can then be pasted elsewhere using Ctrl and V or using Shift and Insert or using the Paste option, from the Edit or shortcut menus, or clicking on the Paste icon.

What can a PowerPoint do?

Powerpoint creates slides like a slideshow presentation. Can also show media like music, pictures and movies. has animations and cutomizable objects and themes. AWESOME STUFF

What is the role of the Ctrl key?

it allows the standard alphabetical and numerical keys to be used for computer functions and commands. ex. "ctrl+s" is a command commonly used to save a file

What is the key product for Microsoft PowerPoint?

All products in the Microsoft Office Package require a product keyto be fully functional. This product key can be found on thepackage of the software and users typically have 30 days toregister a new product.

What is ctrl on a mac?

The ctrl key is the Control key. Some software uses the Control key combined with some other key to perform some particular operation. It dates back to old computer keyboards when Control was the only control key available but it has been superseded by the Command and Option keys, and assorted mouse ( Full Answer )

What can you do for your Powerpoint?

You could do a PowerPoint on your pet, friends favourite animal or a hobby whatever your interested in hope this helped ya xxx

What can PowerPoint not do?

To be honest nothing , but I don't think that you can manage tofully use it. I for instance hired I firm ( buffalo7.co.uk ) when I needed to make a presentation, I usedthem. Hope I helped. Cheers.

How do you get on a PowerPoint?

You have to have a certain activity log in but if you have it then it'll be a capital P with an orange light around it.

What is the CTRL key used for on a PowerPoint Presentation?

Pressing Ctrl does nothing by itself. In conjunction with other keys, it can do shortcuts for all sorts of things. Standard ones across all Office applications include Ctrl - S for Save, Ctrl - C for Copy, Ctrl - X for Cut and Ctrl - V for Paste. These all apply to Powerpoint, as do many other stand ( Full Answer )

IS the command key on a Mac the same as Ctrl on a PC?

The nearest equivalent Meta key to a Mac's Command key on a Windows PC would be the Windows key although many of the Commands that use the Control key (on Windows) are performed with the Command key on the Mac.

Who invented the keys ctrl and alt and what they do?

These keys were first used on microsoft computers, CTRL stands for Control it is used as a short cut to do certain tasks such as copying, pasting, saving, deleting and even printing there are many more. The ALT key stands for Alter it is used for a bunch of other commands.

What does ctrl o do?

CTRL+O is typically used as an accelerator (or shortcut keystroke) for the Open File command.

What is the use of ctrl key in computer keyboard?

By itself the Ctrl key doesn't do anything. It is used in conjunction with other keys to make shortcut key combinations to do various things in computer programs. For example, Ctrl - C is used to copy in many applications, Ctrl - X to cut and Ctrl - V to paste. Those combinations and others can be u ( Full Answer )

What are PowerPoints?

PowerPoint is a software for desktop users. It was created by theWindows creating company Microsoft.

What do not do in a PowerPoint?

Don't use too many animations. . Don't have a messy background. . Don't improvise the whole presentation, if that is your assignment.

When do you use the alt key and ctrl key?

Alt and Ctrl key are special keys. Then can be used as quick menu button or can be used to execute a program. You can also use them to do a shortcut key command.

What are the key talking points in a PowerPoint presentation?

Key talking points in a Power Point presentation include after the outline slide, to describe diagrams and charts and to explain about the presentation on all slides. You want the presentation to accent your speech, not the other way around.

What does CTRL 1 do?

That depends on the program. In Microsoft Word, it sets thedocument to be single-spaced. CTRL-2 makes it double-spaced. InExcel, it opens the Format Cells dialog box.