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Oxygen is used by cells for the process of respiration.

Respiration is the release of energy from food. When this happens using oxygen it is called aerobic respiration:

glucose + oxygen ----> water + carbon dioxide + ENERGY IRON

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How does the haversian system allow for the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the bone cells?

haversian system is to consist to allow for the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the bone cells

What does the delivery of oxygen to cells allow cells to do?

When cells have oxygen, they can perform respiration. That is, they can use the oxygen in a series of chemical reactions that release energy from sugars. This process is performed in organelles of the cell called mitochondria. Nearly all cells, whether plant or animal or other, can perform respiration.

What are the 3 steps to deliver oxygen to the cells?

oxygenation, oxygen delivery,oxygen consumption

What limits oxygen delivery to cells?

various reasons. the blood is responsible for delivering oxygen to the cells. as a result anything blocks the blood from reaching the cells will limit the oxygen. or some intoxication such as CO toxicity which replace the place of oxygen in the blood.

A deficiency of which of these limits oxygen delivery to cells resulting in fatigue and decreased immunity?


What clot reduced oxygen and glucose delivery to cardiac cells?

A clot in a coronary artery.

Delivery of oxygen and nutrients?

Blood cells deliver oxygen and nutrients through the rest of the body. Blood is pumped through the lungs to collect oxygen.

Vessels that allow oxygen and nutrients to pass through to cells?


How do the organs of the respiratory system allow your cells to receive oxygen?

its water

A deficiency of which of these limits oxygen delivery to cells, resulting in fatigue and decreased immunity?


A deficiency of which limits oxygen delivery to cells resulting in fatigue and decreased immunity?

Iron <3

Which is a function of oxygen in the human body?

The function of oxygen in the human body is to allow cells to carry out cellular respiration. This allows cells to carry out their functions.

Vessels that allow oxygen and nutrients to pass through the cells?

Capillaries allow Glucose and oxygen to move out of the blood in the capillaries into interstitial fluid and into the cells. Fluid is exchanged between capillary blood and interstitial fluid.

What are alternate oxygen delivery systems?

Other oxygen delivery methods include tents and specialized infant oxygen delivery systems.

What systems responsible for delivery oxygen to all body cells and pick up of carbon dioxide from all body cells?

circulatory system

What do lower leafs cells do?

lower leaf cells is widely spaced cells allow carbon dioxide and oxygen to pass in and out the leaf

What makes red blood cells red and able to transport oxygen?

It is the haemoglobin in the cells which allow them to carry oxygen and its also the reason they are red as haemoglobin is red.

How does oxygen enter root hair cells?

Oxygen enters root hair cells through the tubes that extend from the tube. These tubes allow air that contain oxygen to enter which facilitates respiration.

Your respiratory surface is covered with which cells that allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to exchange?


What sausage-shaped cells control the size of openings that allow carbon dioxide and oxygen to move into and out of a leaf?

cardiac cells

What is the work of the red blood cells?

The red blood cells contain hemoglobin which binds to oxygen, so the red blood cells carry oxygen to the body's cells. Other functions of red blood cells include delivery, removal, and transport of nutrients, and excess H+ ions, as well as maintenance and prevention.

What do the cells in lungs do?

The lungs and respiratory system allow oxygen in the air to be taken into the body. The lungs' main function is to help oxygen from the air we breathe enter red blood cells. Red blood cells then carry oxygen around the body to be used in the cells found in our organs and tissues such as the lungs.

What are the components of an oxygen delivery system?

An external oxygen delivery system would consist of an oxygen source (such as a pressurized gas chamber), a pressure relieving system and a delivery system such as a breathing tube.

What is a change in intellect due to a gradual decrease in oxygen delivery to brain cells called?

hypoxic dementia that was my answer just forgot to sign in.... :)

Why red blood cell thin elastic membrane?

Red blood cells have thin elastic membranes that allow quick passage of oxygen into the cells. The oxygen is then transported to other body parts by haemoglobin.

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