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What does the desert fox eat?

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The fennec fox is an omnivore. Food sources include plants, rodents, insects, birds, eggs, and rabbits.

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What animals eat papyrus plant?

Many animals eat the papyrus plant. For example, the desert fox eats papyrus. The desert fox is native to Egypt.

Do coyotes eat desert fox?

Coyotes will eat anything they can catch, including a fox.

Does a fox eat a snake?

yes it can i mean if it comes across it in the desert it will eat it most likely

Where does a desert fox live?

The Fennec Fox, aka desert fox, primarily lives in the Sahara Desert.

What does a desert fox eat?

The desert fox is a carnivore, so I presume it eats smaller rodents.A:Smaller animals like snakes and rabbits and small bugs; anything they can find, really.

How does the Europe desert fox survive?

There is no 'Europe desert fox.' The most common fox in Europe is the red fox. The true desert fox - the fennec - lives in the Sahara of northern Africa.

Does a desert fox have fur?

Yes, the desert fox, also known as the fennec fox, has fur.

What do desert foxes eat?

Food sources of the fennec (desert) fox include plants, rodents, insects, birds, eggs, and rabbits.

Where do desert foxes live?

The fennec fox or fennec or desert fox is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa.

Latin name of a desert fox?

The Latin name of the desert fox (or fennec fox) is vulpes zerda.

What is the scientific name for a small desert fox?

The fennec fox, aka the desert fox, is Vulpes zerda.

Is desert fox another name for the fennec?

Yes, the fennec fox is also called the desert fox.

Do foxes eat roadrunners?

a red fox does eat the roadrunner and the road runner also eats rabbits that live in the desert

What desert animal eats a fox?

Cougars, wolves, coyotes and larger bobcats may kill and eat a fox in the deserts of North America.

What is the name of a small desert fox?

The small desert fox is called Fennec Fox (vulpez zerda) they are nocturnal foxes found in the Sahara desert.

What happens to desert fox who live in mangroves?

The desert fox (fennec) does not live in mangroves.

On what continent does the desert fox live?

The fennec (desert fox) lives in Africa in the Sahara.

Does a fox live in the desert?

In the Americas, there are several species of fox found in the desert - gray fox, red fox and kit fox - are all seen in the deserts of the southwest.

What desert animal eats cacti?

There are a number of desert animals that eat cacti. They have learned to remove the spines without being hurt. The animals that eat cacti include fox, bats, and mice.

What does the desert fox feed on?

the desert fox feeds on mice and jack h toe nails

What is the Scientific name for a desert fox?

There are two kinds of foxes commonly called "desert fox":the fennec fox (Vulpes zerda)Vulpes vulpes pusilla, a subspecies of the Red Fox that is found in the vicinity of the Thar Desert

What is a desert fox's food?

Desert foxes eat a bunch of things including berries,rodents,bugs,and small animals.If you own a desert fox and want to know what to feed it well don't worry.These type of foxes eat almost anything!

How many desert foxes are in the world?

There are a number of species of fox that live in the desert but the fennec fox (see image above) is known as the desert fox. It lives in the Sahara of northern Africa.

How do you say desert fox in Japanese?

フェネック /fe ne-kuu/ means 'desert fox, fennec fox' if you mean the animal (Vulpes zerda).砂漠の狐 /sa ba ku no ki tsu ne/ means 'desert fox, fox of desert' if you literally want to say fox from/belonging to a desert, as in a title or something.The 1951 movie about Erwin Rommel (he is nicknamed Desert Fox) with this title is known as 砂漠の鬼将軍 : sabaku no onishougun [lit: the demonic general of the desert, brave-heart general of the desert] in Japanese.

Does the desert fox have sharp paws?

No, the desert fox does not have sharp paws but it does have sharp claws on those paws.

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