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Q: What does the earliest remains by the human found?
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Where was the earliest human remains found?

The earliest human remains were found in Africa, specifically in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Examples include the fossils discovered in the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania and the Rift Valley region in Ethiopia, dating back millions of years.

Where were the earliest remains found?

I know for a fact that it was found on the Continent of Africa but I'm not sure which counrty in Africa. The oldest human remains were found in the Horn of Africa, Somilia.

Where have the fossil remains of the earliest anthropoids been found?


What continent was the was the earliest human evidence found?


Were did the fossil sites did archaeologists find the earliest homo erectus remains?

Archaeologists found the earliest Homo erectus remains mainly in East Africa, particularly in locations such as Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania and Koobi Fora in Kenya. These sites have provided significant insights into the evolution and behavioral patterns of this early human ancestor.

The earliest remains found of what is considered to be fully modern humans are believed to be how old?

The earliest remains found of fully modern humans are believed to be approximately 300,000 years old. These remains have been discovered in various locations, such as Africa and the Middle East, and have provided valuable insights into the origins of our species, Homo sapiens.

Where were fossils of the earliest human ancestors?

Fossils of the earliest human ancestors have been found in various locations around the world, including Africa (such as Ethiopia and Kenya), Europe (such as Spain and France), and Asia (such as China and Indonesia). Key sites include the Afar region in Ethiopia, the Great Rift Valley in East Africa, and the Zhoukoudian cave system in China.

What are seen cradles of civilization?

Places where earliest human fossils are found

Who is the oldest mummy found?

The earliest examples of intentionally mummified human remains were made by the Chinchorro. The oldest Chinchorro mummy found is around 7,060 years old.

What where evidence of the earliest hominids found?

The earliest evidence of hominids was found in Africa, mainly in East Africa. Fossil remains and stone tools dating back millions of years have been discovered in regions such as the Great Rift Valley and Ethiopia, providing insights into the evolutionary history of early human ancestors. Sites like Olduvai Gorge and Laetoli have yielded important discoveries related to hominid evolution.

Is Sahara some of the earliest human fossils have been found?

No, the Sahara desert is not where some of the earliest human fossils have been found. The earliest human fossils have been discovered in other parts of Africa, such as the Great Rift Valley and South Africa. The Sahara, being a desert, is not conducive to preserving fossils from this early period.

The oldest human remains in the Americas have been found in what country?