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Bail money should not be too high that it is unpayable with no fines and no cruel punishments

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Q: What does the eighth amendment mean in plain language?
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What does the 2nd amendment mean in plain language?

the right to have a gun legaley

What does the fourth amendment mean in plain language?

The fourth amendment mea in their ns tje right of the people to be secur

What does the 7th amendment mean in plain language?

The Seventh Amendment requires jury trials in civil lawsuits where ordinary damages are sought.

What does amendment mean in plain language?

Amendment = We feel like changing the law but can't alter the prexisting constitution. Thus we just add to it.

What does expressly forbidden mean in the eighth amendment?

cruel and unusual punishments to crimes

IN plain words what does the six amendment mean?

What does the third amendment mean in plain language?

The third Amendment means that in time of was, an American does not need to house soldiers even if they are asked, and the govt. can't just let soldiers stay in people's houses without telling them about it; they [meaning the house owners] make the suck dr.gooberplan

What does the 8 amendment mean?

The eighth amendment of the united states constitution is the section of the bill of rights that states that the punishment must be fair, cannot be cruel, and that fines that are extraordinarily large cannot be be set

What does the name Savannnah mean?

Deriving from the Spanish language, it means "a treeless plain, the barren one".

What does the 9th amendment mean in plain language?

Basically, it says that just because something isn't written in the Conctitution, it doesn't mean the government can take that away. Like, if you had a dog, the government can't take him away just because it doesn't say they can't in the Conctitution.

Explain what amendment 2 to the bill of rights mean in fifth grade language?

It gives you the right to own a gun.

What does the eighth character mean in a VIN?

The eighth character is the engine type.

What does it mean to invoke the 5th amendment?

The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution reads "no person shall be compelled to be a witness against himself in any criminal case. " This language has been interpreted to mean that you have a right not to answer questions that would incriminate you.

What does the 4th amendment mean in plain language?

It's basically saying that someone cannot search your property without probably cause. Which means that they have a legitimate suspicion that you are doing something illegal. They would need a search warrant to actually look through your personal belongings.

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What does eighth mean in spanish?


What is amendment 15 means?

amendment 15 mean

What means viii in Henry VIII?

VIII mean the eighth in Roman numerals. Henry the Eighth

What does Octavio mean?

It is Latin and means "the eighth."

What does EMC squared mean in plain language?

It's a method of determining amounts of energy, but it also demonstrates the relationship between energy and mass.

Why legal language is not plain?

By "legal language" I assume that you mean the typical written language found in licenses and similar law-related papers. By "plain" I assume that you mean ordinary spoken language. Legal language has a purpose of specifying very precisely some terms or rules that people are to follow. Plain language simply cannot give the same amount of precision without using much more time on the specification of the issue. A typical example in legal language is to introduce entities: "In the following X refers to yada yada yada yada yada [long text describing the entity X goes here" Then later in the legal text it is possible to use X instead of the long introduction.

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The word flood plain mean a broad plain on either side of a river, formed when sediment settles on the riverbanks.

Is modern warfare made for the plain Xbox 360?

what do you mean by plain?

What does it mean for an amendment to be designed specifically to repeal an existing amendment?

It will officially withdraw the previous amendment.

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An eighth wonder means that it's not one of the seven original wonders, but it's so pretty or interesting, that if they had an eighth number, that would be it.