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What does the exclamation mark mean on the dashboard?


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November 25, 2011 1:06AM

Is it an exclamation inside a circle with stubs (like a gear)? It turned out to be the transmission on my 2000 ford taurus. It needed a qt of trans fluid and I have not seen the mysterious exclamation again. I could not find it in the manual either. The resemblence to a gear just made me think power train.


In most vehicles this is the check tire pressure light. you either have a low tire or bad sensors. Some sensors have a problem where if the tires are under 35psi the light eventually comes on, even if their recommended pressure is 30. The spares on the suvs may also have a sensor.

if ur talking about a rover 200 then that light is telling u that u have a problem with ur brakes, possibly low on brake fluid, or a wheel brake unit is leaking. check ur brake fluid level. (the brake fluid resivoir is on the driver side of the engine.middle-far left) (by matmaxww)