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Q: What does the fire truck sound like in Nintendogs?
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What does a truck sound like?

Like honk honk

What is the definition for fire cycle?

It's like a fire truck, only you have to pedal it.

What do you use to start a fire engine?

A fire engine starts in much the same manner as any other motor vehicle. Probably more like a truck, but hey, it's a truck chassis with the pump, tank and whatever else built onto it. Why wouldn't it start like a truck? On the inside, at least, a fire engine is just a truck with the "fire stuff" added on.

Why does my truck sound like a motorcycle?

Leak in the exhaust system?

Is fire a long I vowel?

No, "fire" does not have a long "I" vowel sound. The "i" in "fire" is pronounced with a diphthong sound, making it more like "fai-er."

Where can a LEGO fire truck be bought?

You can buy a Lego fire truck online at websites like Amazon, Target, or Lego's official website, Lego. If you don't want to wait for your fire truck to arrive you can go to a store like Target or Toys R Us and purchase one there.

Where can one purchase a toy fire truck?

There are many places where one could purchase a toy fire truck. One can purchase a toy fire truck at places like Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and Kmart.

What does a sizzling grill sound like?

well it sounds like, a barbecue on fire which is sizzling.Because if you touch a sizzling grill, its like fire.

What is the doxend breed like on Nintendogs?

If you mean Dachshund the its cute there is no doxend on nintendogs or in the world

How do you start over Nintendogs?

on the title screen of nintendogs hold L R A B Y X in till it says restart nintendogs or something like that press yes/this works for any nintendogs

Why does it sound like the blinkers are on but the battery is charged and the truck wont start?

the alternator is bad

Do they make a fire truck mater like in a book my grandson has?

The only reson they creators of Cars made Mater all these different things like a fire truck, a dare devil a UFO ect is because those are for the excitment for the children of Tall Tales.