What does the front page of a newspaper look like?

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a title on it with big writting
lots of writting
lots of pictures
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What would an ancient Roman newspaper editorial look like?

Well there were no Roman newspapers (no printing presses for another 1,500 years). They had to use other means of getting the message out, like reading out and posting notices or decrees in the squares of cities, and erecting statues, monuments, triumphal arches etc with inscriptions on them. An ( Full Answer )

What would a Roman newspaper look like?

FIND IT ELSEWHERE It's an interesting concept, but newspapers depend on printing & the Romans didn't have the technology ! Printing came into existence in the middle ages, several hundred years later....

What should an Errata page look like?

Minimally, an 'Errata' page should include the page number andoriginal text being corrected along with the correction orclarification itself. The precise placement of the 'Errata' pagewithin the work will depend on the kind of work it is and othercontextual considerations.

What did the western front look like?

The best comparison I've heard of has been "a moonscape". Trenches were cut into what was once farmland and tracked all the way from the Swiss border up to the Belgian coast. There were forts around Verdun. So many tonnes of shells (millions and millions of them) had fallen that the water-table was ( Full Answer )

What did a newspaper from the 13th century look like?

At that time there were no newspapers at all. After all, in the 13th century very few people could read ... In England, the first newspapers - often just single sheets - appeared in the English Civil War (1642-49), but regular newspapers didn't appear till about 1710.

What should a cover page for a report look like?

A cover page should have your Name, Topic, Course and Section and the Date. When writing a paper you should also include a Introduction and a Work Cited Page at the End Listing your sources!

What does a front engine mount look like?

Engine and transmission mounts are made of a heavy rubber and are usually black in color. On either side of the rubber is a way to attach it, one side to the motor or transmission and the other to a part of the cars frame. They allow the engine and transmission to vibrate without causing the whole c ( Full Answer )

What are the main parts of the front page in a campus newspaper?

parts of a newspaper. Layou,typical features and technical terms. these are the list to be found on the front page cover of a news paper. 1. box-out. 2. by-line. 3. caption/s. 4. credits. 5. crosshead. 6. exclusive. 7. feature. 8. headline. 9. kikcer. 10. lead story. 11. lure. 12. mast ( Full Answer )

Parts of Front page of newspaper?

There are several parts to the front page of a newspaper. Some ofthese parts are, skybox, ear, byline, lead, columns, headline,dates, index, and photos.

What is a front page article in a newspaper?

The articles the editor the newspaper thinks are most important are put on the first (front) page and the subject of the most important among these is in the big title (headline) at the top of the first page. Traditional newspapers (not tabloids) are folded in the middle such that the top half of ( Full Answer )

What did newspapers look like in 1918?

Newspapers in 1918 in some ways looked much like the newspapers oftoday. A very notable difference was that there were very fewphotographs compared to current papers, and the type used tended tobe fancier than what we are used to.

What goes on the front page of a newspaper?

The most important things go on the front page, in the view ofthe Editor. It is usually a major new, news item, but thepriorities for one newspaper are not necessarily those ofanother. . (This was flagged for improvement: I have retained the firstsentence but qualified it by adding the words "in th ( Full Answer )

What does a blog page look like?

Usually a blog page includes: Post title Name of post author Post content Comment Post tag/categories Many blogs have different widgets on the sidebars of the blog.

What does a mortgage declaration page look like?

its a paper stating all of the coverage that you have for your insurance policy. if you ever need a declaration page you can call your insurance company to obtain one. they should give it to you free of charge.

What was on the front page of the newspapers on seventh November 1996?

1996 U.S.A. Mars Global Surveyor November 7th, 1996 : The Mars Global Surveyor is launched from Cape Canaveral aboard a Delta II rocket reaching Mars on September 11, 1997. The mission was to provide a survey of the planet mars sending back tens of thousands of pictures of the planets surface. On ( Full Answer )

What do a quarter page ad look like?

Fold a page in half and then in half again. Unfold it. One square is one quarter page. As for the design, color, font, etc, that depends on you and the owner of the publication you want the ad published in.

What does a middle ages newspaper look like?

There were no newspapers in this time. The printing press wasn't invented until 1446 and by then the middle ages was over. People couldn't read or write. About 90% of the population was illiterate, so IF the printing press had been invented people couldn't have read a newspaper.

Parts of front page of a newspaper?

nameplate ears folio line cut credit line column headline streamer or banner byline cut line fold Editorial Page Entertainment Page Obituary Classified Ads Business News Sports Page Inamaw Binuang

What is a title page for a report look like?

That depends on the format specified by the school, class or company. Typically it will contain: . The name of the report . The name of the author (or ID number) . the date created . It may contain the reason the report was created (Class ID or audience)

What does a front hub bearing look like?

Round With Roller Bearings Around The Metal Ring, Rides Inside Of A Race. Or It Can Be A Pressed On Bearing. Need More Info On What You Are Working On To Be Sure. Newer Cars Have A Pressed In Bearing.

What does a 2 page resume look like?

If you have been in work or are in work now a 2 page resume would include the following . Name and contact details . Profile - explaining what you can offer an employer 4/5/lines . Key achievements - 5 achievements in your career (for managers) or for other roles Skills and Knowledge - a list ( Full Answer )

What does it look like when you look at the newspaper photo with an electron microscope at different levels of magnification?

An electron microscope is usually used to magnify things that are too small to be seen through a regular microscope. A news paper photo is printed with ink so the closer you get to it the more you would see the chemical composition of the ink, more so the texture. Some photos use pixelation meaning ( Full Answer )

What does a page citation look like?

You should have the name of the author(s), date of the publication, title of the work, and, unless indicated otherwise, the URL.

What was the front page of a newspaper on May 1st 1999?

It would be helpful to know which city or state (or country) you are asking about, since front page stories vary from place to place; the number of stories on the front page also varied, with the typical front page having about four big stories on it. May 1, 1999 was a Saturday, which means congress ( Full Answer )

What is the front of a Canadian nickel look like?

By convention, the front (known as the obverse) of all Canadian coins have an image of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The current 5c coin has an image of a beaver on the reverse. This could (mistakenly) be thought of as the 'front' - it's not.

What does the 1st page of the timeline book look like?

Jefferson Davis timeline:1808-born on June 3 1812-settles with his family in southwestern Mississippi 1813-attends Wilkinson County Academy 1818-attends Jefferson College 1821-attends Transylvania University 1824-secures an appointment to West Point 1831-contracts pneumonia 1832-sent to deliver Blac ( Full Answer )

What does the 2nd page of the timeline book look like?

Virginia Clinton timeline:1923-born on June 6 1943-marries William Jefferson Blythe Jr 1946-William Jefferson Blythe Jr dies 1946-son Bill is born 1950-marries Roger Clinton 1956-son Roger is born 1957-father dies 1962-divorced from Roger Clinton 1962-remarries Roger Clinton 1967-Roger Clinton dies ( Full Answer )

What does the 12th page of the 2012 election story look like?

24 states were donated by Romney:Alaska,Arizona,Utah,Idaho,Montana,Wyoming,North Dakota,South Dakota,Nebraska,Kansas,Oklahoma,Texas,Missouri,Arkansas,Louisiana,Mississippi,the state of Alabama,Georgia,South Carolina,North Carolina,Tennessee,Kentucky,West Virginia,and Indiana.

What does Harkins Page disaster speech look like?

Two days ago,the Page school bus was firebombed by a big rock that had been sent on fire.We will attack the men that caused the most terrible tragedy of all time.We will never forget them not even the last time we saw them just to touch the face of god.

What are the features on a front page newspaper called?

If you are referring to a printed newspaper, the front page often has two parts: what is placed "above the fold" and then the rest of the front page (this refers to the fact that most newspapers are folded in half, and the "above the fold" story is what your eyes would see first if you were walking ( Full Answer )