What does the government do with confiscated drug money?


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It gets put in a bank account dedicated to hold all the money but some state allow whatever department discoverd it to keep it so they can re-invest it in there department.

The above answer may be true for a particular state but the answer to this question on Federal level is much different.

First of all it's going to depend on what agency confiscated the money. If it is under the Department of Justice umbrella (FBI, DEA, ATF) it goes into the "Asset Forfeiture fund" for DOJ. Only very high level individuals that are closely watched have access to these funds. This also includes money collected for seized property as well such as car, boats houses etc. This money has very strict guidelines on what it can be used for. It generally will never be used to pay agents, or buy vehicles/equipment for the Dept. This is done to avoid the appearances that money is seized for department gains.

The money is usually filtered back for drug task force officer needs at the local police department level which may include vehicles, equipment and general drug task force department needs.

If a Department of Homeland security branch (TSA, COAST GUARD, CBP, ICE, BORDER PATROL) makes the seizure those assets and funds go to a different "Asset forfeiture" account which is controlled by the Treasury. Those funds are controlled by top level persons with in DHS like Janet Napolitano. Although there are checks and balances for those funds a large portion of those assets are used for federal training facilities for BORDER PATROL, ICE AND CBP.


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