Who spends government money?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The government spends it.

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Q: Who spends government money?
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What is federal spending?

Government spending is the amount of money that a government allocates and eventually spends in a specific period of time. The US government spends about one trillion dollars per year.

What are 3 ways government spends tax money?

the government spends this tax money by aiding and helping everyone to obtain all their needs in the society and country.

Where does the Cuban government spend their money?

The Cuban government spends most of their money on importing goods such as oil and food. It also spends a significant amount of money on relief programs for its citizens.

What is it called when the government spends more than it take in?

When a government spends more money in a year than it takes it, it is called a deficit. When it spends less than it takes in, it is called a surplus.

What do we use tax for?

Taxes are used when ever the government spends money. Anything that was government-funded used tax money.

What is a public deficit?

if a government spends more money than it brings in, it has a deficit

Is the amount of money our government spends on the space program essential or frivolous?


How much money does the government make a year on nuclear energy?

I think the government spends money (on regulation for instance) rather than making it

Which term is best defined as a the amount of money that the government spends on programs in a year?


Which purpose of government is carried out when congress spends money on educations?

Promote the general welfare

Why did the eskimos make houses out of snow?

Because the government only spends money on schools.

Why is America an MEDC?

Because their government does not waste money, and spends it on making buildings and cities the best they can be.