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Q: What does the graphic on the bottom corners of the Ouija board represent The ouija session with the woman's hands off the board and a spirit behind her and How about the sun and moon?
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What color would you make a graphic if you wanted to remove part of a graphic or see text or colors behind a graphic?

To see what is behind a graphic, you must use a color of "None". Depending on the type of graphic used, that may be done in InDesign, Illustrator, or as a clipping path in Photoshop.

Text or graphic displayed behind text in a document?


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A is text or a graphic that is displayed on top or or behind the text in a document?


Text or graphic appears on top or behind documents text?


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They may be ellipsis which represent repeating digits.

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A chart is a tool you can use in Excel to communicate data graphically. Charts allow your audience to see the meaning behind the numbers, and they make showing comparisons and trends much easier. For more details visit us at our website. Simran IT Services.

Text or graphic appears on top or behind document's text?

3-D effect

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mirror line

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That is called a "Water Mark." There is an option to add these on Microsoft Word.

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It can be either one, text or graphic. Typically called a 'watermark' it can be used to mark documents with various items such as 'Draft' or 'Original' for tracking purposes. Most word processors allow it.

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in the baseplate at all 4 corners behind lead plugs that must be removed to make adjustments.

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What does the sun represent in Benjamin Franklin's quotation?

Throughout the convention Ben Franklin had noticed the back of george washing ton's chair. There was a sun carved into it. I have often and often in the course of this session looked at that behind the President without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting; but now at length I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting sun Franklin observed.

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Multiple graphic cards, with the CPU close behind.

What was the inspiration behind the Nationwide logo?

The inspiration behind the Nationwide logo was from merging with the Anglia Building Society. As a result, their logo showed a house to represent what they are all about.

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to represent the year and the country they are happening in

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What is cropping?

Cropping is a process used to fix or improve photos or images, when part of the image is cut out or removed to leave behind just the part of the graphic required.

How do you catch the dog on my sims agents?

You just slowly walk behind the dog, when the dog stops in the corners be sure to stop!

When you shade text word colors the circular area behind any text or graphics?

This is false. Word does not color the circular area behind any text or graphic when you shade text. The mini toolbar has commands related to changing the appearance of the text in your document.