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What does the holy spirit physically feel like when it comes into your heart?


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February 02, 2009 3:00AM

Since the holy spirit is entirely unphysical, it's difficult to relate. You have unspeakable calm, peace, and joy. For me, the peace outweighed the other two. I only have my experience to relate. Some speak in tongues, which is a language so unworldly, you can't describe it. It just pushes out of your mouth, like a horde of butterflies or something. There is a difference between getting 'saved' and receiving the Holy Spirit. With the latter, you almost receive the eyes of Christ, seeing things in perspective with divine discernment, in light of what truly matters. For me, people looked different almost physically. They weren't 'just people,' they were interwoven brothers and sisters. I loved them all immediately on sight, just because I knew that we all proceeded out of the same Spirit. I hope that helped a little.