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Something that has easily been or will easily be achieved. It can mean something is way ahead of something and will complete a task long before others, or has already done so.

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Q: What does the idiom by a long shot mean?
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What does shot full of holes mean in idiom?

The idiom usually refers to a suggestion against which many arguments were presented.

What is the meaning of the idiom to be a long shot?

Lucky if you hit it. Commonly means lucky if you get it also. The odds are against you.

What is the idiom for' like a shot'?

Going "like a shot" means "as straight and as fast as a bullet shot from a gun."

What is the origin of the idiom 'big shot'?

The idiom 'big shot' refers to an important and influential person. The origins of the term dates back to the 1920's when it was used to describe gangsters.

What does the idiom 'to draw a long bow' mean?

It means to tell a lie or an exaggeration in a story.

What does the idiom Rome was not built in a day mean?

It takes a long time to do an important job

What does the idiom a dogs age mean?

The idiom "a dog's age" means a long time or a period that feels particularly long. It exaggerates the notion of time passing slowly, similar to saying "an eternity."

What is a literal idiom?

A literal idiom is a phrase or expression that has a straightforward, concrete meaning that is different from its intended or idiomatic meaning. For example, "kick the bucket" is a literal idiom that means to physically kick a bucket, but its idiomatic meaning is to die.

What does the idiom 'to kill the fatted calf' mean?

The idiom to kills/slaughter the fattened calf basically means that you will celebrate with a friend or relative that you have not seen in a very long time.

What is meant by hit the bucket?

It means that you threw or shot something and hit a bucket.Do you perhaps mean KICK the bucket? To "kick the bucket" is an idiom that means to die.

What does the idiom 'pulled through' mean?

It means that someone was very sick, but they recovered after a long battle with illness.

What does the idiom itchy nose mean?

It is not an idiom, it means your nose is itching.